Clash of Clans – Best Attack Strategy For Top Players

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Today we’re going to tell you about the best attack strategy in Clash of Clans. When you get your Town Hall to level 8 things become tougher, actually around 4 times tougher than they were when you had a Town Hall at level 7.

If, before, some strategy using many giants, archers and 2-3 healers was doing the trick, now when you have Town Hall at level 8, things are not so simple anymore. Mostly because of the high level walls your enemies have, the giants and archers will not take down very fast the walls and you will most likely lose the battle.

So, to simplify things, you will want to train 25 Balloons lvl 5 and send them to the enemy base and use healing spells in order to keep them alive as long as possible, so they can take out the air defensive buildings. After they take out the defensive buildings you can send out 20 minions and 10 archers to finish the job.

Even if this strategy works, it gets very expensive for an attack, so you should use this when your opponents have enough resources to cover up the costs. Not to mention that to get ready for an attack you will need around one hour.

The mass archers and barbarians strategy won’t work on this level too. They will die very fast from the splash damage from the mortars. However, this strategy will work like a charm in low level bases.

Using gems to speed up training

A good trick to speed up your training is to use gems, like 10 gems / barrack. By doing this, you can speed up things a little bit. However, you will need a good amount of gems to do this and there is a way to make some free gems without having you to spend real money to get them.

In order to do this, just download a few applications for free and try them out for about 30 seconds and after that delete them in order to collect points. After some time, you will have enough points to get yourself a $10 ITunes code that you will use to get Gems.

The best attacking strategy when having a TH8

For this strategy you will need around 20 Giants level 5, 25 Archers level 5, 3 Healers, 10 Wizards level 5 and 15 minions. You can also bring 2-3 wall breakers level 5 if you want to speed up things. At the same time, you will need Healing Spell maxed out in case you will need some heavy healing.

While using this strategy, you will destroy most of the villages that you will raid. This strategy is not so expensive and you can train fast enough if you speed up your barracks by using the 10 gems that we’ve talked about above.

To make this strategy work, you will need to send your Giants near the air defensive buildings. After the Giants take care of the air defensive buildings, send out half of the wizards and all your healers. After that, send some archers and minions where you think they can help. Use the healing spells if the giants or wizards are taking too much damage from the ground defensive buildings.

While using this strategy, you will get a good amount of resources very fast.


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