Clash Of Clans – Best Tips in Creating The Perfect Base Design

By reaching the key points involved in this topic, we will teach you how to build a base with a good design. If that is something you don’t find yourself achieving, check the article below and step your game up.

Keep Your Storages Safe

Protecting your storages is of great importance if you want to succeed in creating a good base design, even if you decide to opt for a hybrid base. To keep them safe, you should build your storages roughly in the center of your base, but absolutely not on the same compartment. Although they are all pretty much in central position, you should try and spread them among different compartments, so if you encounter a Goblin attack, they won’t be able to get to your storages and also your resources just by passing one wall. Make them work and make sure there are several walls guarding the storages. You should arrange so that there are at least two walls or layers of protection between the outside of the base and the storages.

Getting Attacked? Scare Them Off

When defending, the most heavily rely on your wall and towers. The towers can scare enemies away, depending on how high in level they are. The towers units most recommended to upgrade as much as possible are the Wizard Towers and the Mortar. If these defense constructions are strongly upgraded, they will be able to take out the enemy more efficient, and invading armies won’t be that threatening in the end. Upgrading your Cannon and Archers is also a good idea against giants. People are less likely to throw giants at you if you have these constructions up and heavily upgraded.

Air attacks from balloons and minions can be easily fought off with the help of upgraded Air Defense and Archer Towers.

Position Your Building Correctly

The positioning of the buildings, as well as the buildings themselves, depend on what type of base you are going after. Depending on what kind of base you want, you should proceed in arranging the specific buildings for that base type the right way.

For A Farming Base

If you are going after the perfect farming base, you should take these building tips into consideration. The first layer of the base should feature Dark Elixir, optionally continued by Elixir and Gold storages, Wizard tower, Mortar, and if unlocked, go for the Inferno Tower and the Xbow. The second layer should start off with Gold storage, Elixir storage, Wizards tower and Air Defense. You also have the option to add Cannon, Hidden Tesla and Archer towers. The third layer of the base’s design should feature a Cannon and Archer tower, as well as an optional Gold Mine, Elixir Collector, Dark Elixir Drill and a Hidden Tesla.

For A Defense Base

Start off by equipping your first layer with Town Hall and Mortar, and if unlocked, Xbow and Inferno Tower. Optionally, you can also add Hidden Tesla and a Wizard Tower. The second layer featuring Hidden Tesla and Wizard Tower is mandatory, with the possibility of adding optional Cannon, Elixir Storage and also Gold Storage. The Archer Tower, Gold Storage and Cannon should be featured on the third layer.

For a Hybrid Base

On the first layer you have your Gold Storage, Dark Elixir and Town Hall. The Gold Storage is pretty much optional if you have Dark Elixir, but if you don’t, it becomes mandatory. If unlocked, add Xbow as well. The optional items for this build type’s first layer include Mortar, Wizard Tower, Inferno Tower and Exlixir Storage. The second layer should feature Gold and Elixir storage, as well as Air Defense and Mortar, as well as the optional Archer Tower, Cannon and Hidden Tesla. The Cannon, Archer Tower and Hidden Tesla are mandatory on the third layer, while the optional picks are Gold Mine, Dark Elixir Drill and Elixir Collector.

In higher leagues it is important to have your Inferno Tower in the center, proving to be the best and quickest solution against Hog Riders. Although the Inferno Tower is the most important in the middle of your base, the Xbow is also featured there now.


Those of you considering a trophy mid range which is between Bronze 1 and Gold 2, you can opt for farming, which implies that you use Goblins to steal  loot from retired players. This can bring you quite a lot. Farming remains the best looting option.

Your typical looting attacks will consist of Minions, Barbarians, Wallbreakers, Giants, Archers, Goblins.

If you want to know if you are farming as you can’t be sure, look for these details: The Town Hall is very well protected in a central position .The lineup for a Defense army is made of Archers, Goblins, Wizards, Wallbreakers, , Giants, Barbarians, Baloons, Healers, Pekkas, Dragons, Minions, Golems and Hogriders.

Generally, Hybrid armies and Defense armies look pretty much the same. The characteristics of a Hybrid base show that while developing a Hybrid base, you want to keep your resources safe, but you don’t plan on farming or dropping trophies. You can pretty much fin Hybrid bases from Bronze 1 to Silver 1 for the low level, while the ones in the high level, are from Silver 1 to Crystal 1.

About Farm Bases

Farming is different from the Defense and Hybrid base types. In this type of base, your Town Hall is usually in the corner, or even outside the base. Farming bases are also pretty easy to attack, as the mines and collectors are easy to get to. If you start a Defense Base,Walls might be protecting your Gold mines and collectors.

Farming bases are usually full of resources, so if you go on a loot trip and stumble across a farming base, you can probably get in and get the resources, no problem.

About Defense Bases

Most Defense bases are met along the line of Crystal, Masters and Champions leagues. Splash Towers, Inferno Towers and Xbows are the core of Defense bases, with the Town Hall on the exterior. Maxing your Army Camps is a good idea for the Defense base when you hit the higher leagues. In the Masters and Champions leagues, you can find a lot of gemmers that keep their loot on the outside. These bring a new Farming method to the table, called Loot Farming. You can practically go through this by using only your Archers. The strategy behind this implies that you use your Archers to take the storages for 500k each, and then also use them for building stealing. This strategy requires level 6 Archers and also a good base level. On the upgrading side, you should try and make sure the first buildings you upgrade to the max are your Wizard Towers, Mortars and Walls.

Upgrading your Wizard Towers and Mortars first is a must because they do splash damage, while upgrading your Walls keeps attackers out. Use Inferno Tower and Xbow against Golems, Wizards and Hogriders, and surprise your enemy with Hidden Tesla. The higher levels of Hidden Tesla are pretty expensive, so max that out last. Between Archer Towers and Cannons, you should go for the Cannons because Archer Towers cost more to upgrade, and their only advantage against Cannons is air targeting, which becomes obsolete because you build your Air Defense anyway.

About Hybrid Bases

Building a Hybrid is more difficult than building a Defense or Farm base, because you need to find the balance. If you want to stay in the same league and not drop trophies, you have to build your Town Hall somewhere within the walls, but not in a center position. The labs can’t help you within the walls because they don’t do anything froma defense point of view and are easily destroyed. Something you should put in the center is the Dark Elixir. As far as Elixir storages go, put them in the second and third layers, while your first and second layers should host the Gold storages. Your Wizard Towers also go in central position, as they are good against Goblins and Witches. Air Defense takes its place on the second or third layer, while Inferno Towers and Xbows are also good central, because they protect your Town Hall. As for “no no’s” , avoid putting Cannons and Hidden Teslas in the middle of your operation. The outside space is reserved for all your Barracks, Army Camps, Labs and Spell Factories.


If you try and follow this guide, you should have a pretty good base. We hope you learned from this, and have fun!

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