Clans of Clans – Best Strategy of 2014 in Earning Trophies

In Clash of Clans you will not just farm resources all day long. After preparing your village, you can start farming trophies and reach the top.

The beginning

Two weeks before you will start farming for trophies you will want to do two things:

  1. Finish the upgrades of your village, so you will not have to upgrade some buildings or heroes during the trophy push. This means that you should upgrade your defensive buildings such as air defenses, mortars, teslas, etc.
  2. Gain enough elixir and dark elixir so you can use for your army during the trophy farm. You should have around 4-5 million Elixir and 20.000 – 30.000 Dark Elixir.

During the trophy farm you will want to keep all your resources low in order to prevent your village from getting raided by other players.

Attacking Strategy

One thing you should know about Clash of Clans: it is not a game for impatient people. Never rush things and get out of resources and with other words, to be stopped from trophy farming because of the lack of resources. Keep in mind that you will be farming trophies several days and if you are running out of resources you will fail in the first two days. You can get your way to Crystal League by just focusing on the TH and in early levels, the trophy range, because you should always look for a cheap way to get trophies, without wasting too many resources. Here are a few setups that are cheap and effective:

  1.  50% Archers, 50% Barbarians
  2.  50% Archers, 40% Barbarians, 8 Wall Breakers and the rest Goblins
  3.  Barbarians, Archers and Minions

By using these setups you will get 1-2 stars at a very low price. You will use them to focus on TH and get an easy 50%. If it’s taking too long to get a target that has an unprotected TH, you will want to change a bit the attacking strategy. For these kinds of attacks you will want to focus on the villages that you can get at least 2 stars from and it is ideal to get some elixir and dark elixir from them. Here are a few setups that might work:

  1.  20-30 Balloons and the reset Minions and for spells you will want rage and heal. Use Balloons to take out Air Defenses and deploy the Minions behind them.
  2.  15+ Giants, 2 Healers, Wizards and Archers for good damage and spells – lighting, rage and heal. While using this setup, be careful with the spring traps, because they can mess up your strategy and throw away your barbarians, who will play the role of tanking for your wizards and archers.

After using these setups for a few days, you will start getting high in trophies. There will be no more easy villages, with unprotected TH and all bases will start to look very tough. Here is when the patience will come in handy. If you listened at what we said above, you should have a lot of resources available. Do not rush to attack someone and instead, take your time to get a vulnerable village which can give you at least 1 star. You will now need some more powerful armies such as: 3 Golems, 3 Pekkas, 3 Witches, 8 Wall Breakers and rest Wizards.

Start by attacking with your Walls Breakers, Golems and a few Wizards while using rage spell on them. After that you can send out your Pekkas, Witches and the rest of Wizards in the middle of the village and start smashing it apart. Do not forget to use many rage spells and at the same time some lighting spells for CC.

Another army that you can use consists of Witches, Wizards, Wall Breakers, Golems and Barbarians. The strategy is similar with the one above, but it is more effective against pesky infernos.

There is also an “All Dragon” army, where your army will be composed of only Dragons. However, the strategy differs a bit since you will need to drop one on each corner to prevent the main group from straying. The rest of the dragons will be deployed in one spot and you should use rage and heal spells on them to win the battle. You will want to use the rage spell when they are near the CC troops.

More attacking tips

Most of the times when you log into the game, you will see in the battle log. Many players will like to attack you with 1 troop and that’s because they want to lower their trophy range. Not only that you will win trophies because of that, but you will also have a revenge button so you can check them out and the ones who attacked you in order to lose trophies they will probably have the TH unprotected too. So this way you will win trophies two rounds from one single player.

Defense Tips

One of the most frustrating parts of trophy farming is that most of the time people will attack your village and you will have to protect it well to not lose trophies. Because of that, if you see that your base layout doesn’t work well, you will need to change it and test things out. Try to minimize the damage you are taking in your village by improving your base layout. See where your weak spots are and try to change the layout in a way that will make your attackers a hard time to destroy your base.

To keep away players with higher Town Halls and to not attack you, you will want to keep your gold as low as possible. To do this, invest your gold in walls and keep only elixir and dark elixir high, in order to have enough for your troops. However, you want to keep 100.000 gold for searching targets.

You can keep your Gold Storages outside the walls and instead protect Elixir and Dark Elixir at all costs. Another way to prevent players from attacking you is by staying online.


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