Candy Crush Saga – Tips to Devour those Candies Effortlessly

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For many of you out there, Candy Crush Saga is the best pastime, ain’t that true?

We know that those colorful candies indulge you into the candy action, while you forget the world around you.  However, we also know that when you are not able to solve the mystery, repetitively playing with those candies on the same level pushes you to boredom. You might wonder if there’s no way out of those challenging levels which could breeze you away to the next and the next… But, the good news is that you can do it! Yes, you read that right, here are essential tips and tricks you can follow to literally cross every level with expertise and ease:

  • The flashy candies can’t do it all: The first and foremost tip that you have to remember is—don’t get attracted towards those flashy candies that attract you to move them while you are looking for a way to finish the board. These are just diverting factors to carry you away from the game and lose lives sooner.
  • Search for the giant explosion: Do not look forward to combine two striped candies; instead combine a striped one with a wrapped one. All the better, fuse two multi-colored candies and bingo! Yes, you will clear out most of the candies on the board if you get started with this combination. While you move the candies, look out for possibilities to create such candies and combine them for a giant explosion.
  • Clear it all from the bottom: If you want to witness the cascade effect, then start clearing your Candy Crush boards from the bottom. Combine as many special candies as possible and bring down the candies; automatically the jellies and ingredients which have to be broken or brought down will follow.
  • Pay attention to those extra power-ups: As and when you crack certain boards, you will be gifted with special moves, lollipop hammers, moving fish candies etc. which will keep reflecting on the left top corner of your board. Make use of these game boosting candies only while you really need them in the toughest levels; at the same time, also make sure that you don’t miss out on using them!!
  • Seek out for FB: While you play with your phone’s internet on, you will be asked to grant lives to your friends and ask lives from them while you’re devoid of lives. This is a wise strategy to use as well. When your friends offer you a life, you can accumulate and keep them handy when all your lives have been exhausted.
  • Clear those hassle soon enough: The locked up candies and licorice obstruct your gameplay big time! Take efforts to clear them soon enough, so that you could clear the board easily. Using giant candy combinations to clear the blocks will be a wise move.
  • Charge up: Remember that Candy Crush Saga can entirely drink up your battery’s life. Make sure you charge your mobile to its fullest or else you’ll end up having a dead battery while there is a challenging board in the process. While you switch your phone back, you might have to play through all the moves one more time and that’s really sick!

Well, the good thing about this game is that you could roll up your sleeves and plunge into the candy action even while you do not have a working internet connection on your phone. Time up—get ready to devour all those candies and enjoy the smooth sail!!

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