Candy Crush Saga – Here’s How to Deal with Those Annoying Chocolates

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Most people love having chocolates in real life.

Actually, it has been proven to be great for one’s health, when taken in moderation, as it lowers stress levels. However, it is a completely different ball game in the case of chocolates, in Candy Crush Saga. You will not love them – they are not good for your game and cannot be handled even in moderation. Chocolates in Candy Crush Saga will increase your stress levels and make it very hard for you to complete levels.

For any avid Candy Crush gamer, you would probably know that the worst blockers to encounter are the chocolates. They’re the 2nd most abundant blockers and are the most hated element of this game. The leading reason for all the hate of Candy Crush Saga chocolates is their rate of growing back and blocking moves, when not cleared early on, in a level.

Chocolates are removed by breaking candies adjacent to the chocolates. The first time, these chocolates are introduced in the game, is at level 51. From here on, they are present throughout the game, in different levels thereafter.

Fortunately, just like it is with other blockers, there are tricks and tips you can use to make the chocolate experience in Candy Crush Saga less stressful.

The Normal Chocolates

These are the regular square shaped chocolate blockers in the game. These are easy to work with as long as you can effectively and instantly remove all normal chocolates from your board. Once removed, they do not show up again and this allows you to continue with normal play. Worth noting is that the normal chocolates cannot engulf your stripped or wrapped candies, but will engulf color bombs. Therefore, it is important to effectively use your color bombs, whenever they appear in the presence of chocolate blockers.

In some cases, chocolates can be helpful. This is especially so, when playing in candy bomb-filled levels. You can allow the chocolates to engulf the bomb and save you some moves.

To remove the chocolate, you can use special candy combos. This is effective, since chocolates can really limit the number of moves you can make on your board and creating special candies prevents this from happening.

On chocolate levels, where you are required to clear jellies, you need to first focus on clearing the chocolate, otherwise clearing the jellies and completing the levels will be far from reach. On the levels of bringing down the ingredients, you shouldn’t worry too much about the chocolates and should focus on bringing the ingredients down, as fast and possible.

Chocolate Spawners

These are circular types of chocolates that are first experienced in level 156. Given a pick, the normal chocolates are a lot better. These spawners keep spawning chocolates for the entire level. The bubblegum troll is the only possible way there is, to get rid of the chocolate spawner.

Generally, the spawner creates a chocolate with every move made, non-stop. The only way around this blocker is working your way around it and completing the level. When you get more than one spawner in a level, you need to work your way around them, by trying to keep the chocolates from spreading to the entire board. Make use of striped and wrapped candy combos for levels with chocolate spawners.


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