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Candy Crush Saga is a video game that is based on a Match 3 puzzle concept.

In 2012, Candy Crush was released by its developer, King, on the 12th of April for Facebook users. On the 14th of November the same year, Candy Crush was released for smartphones. In March 2013, Candy Crush was given the title of the most popular game on Facebook. It had already surpassed Farmville 2.

As of July 2014, Candy Crush has six hundred and twenty levels on Facebook. All these levels are made up of 41 episodes in total. Every episode has 15 levels each. The first two episodes have 10 levels only. Every level in Candy Crush has a game board that is filled with candies of different colors. Depending on the level, the board may contain obstacles. The different colored candies include the yellow lemon drop, the red jelly bean, a green lozenge, a blue lollipop head and Chiclets that are green in color. The basic move in this game is swapping two adjacent candies vertically or horizontally so as to create a set of three or more candies of the same color.

Every Candy Crush level has a goal that must be achieved in a given time limit or in a given number of moves. Some of the goals include having to clear certain combinations or amount of candies, getting ingredients to the bottom, clearing the jelly or reaching a certain score. You can form special candies by matching more than three candies of the same color. Other than the special candies, there are also other special boosters that appear on the boards, either for free or for purchase. There is also a Candy Crush wheel that can help you win the boosters. Special boosters like the free switch, sweet teeth and the bubble gum troll can be purchased. The free switch allows a player to switch the positions of two candies that do not match. The sweet teeth help to clear out jelly and blockers. The bubblegum troll helps chocolate spawners from spreading chocolate from its sides and the bomb coolers, which add to candy bomb timers in case the timer runs out.

Players start with 5 lives – one life is lost every time a level is failed. When all the 5 lives are lost, players can request their Facebook friends to send them more lives or can wait for a certain period for the lives to refill by themselves.

Latest Update Version Features

  1. Very fun and easy to play. It is, however, a challenge to fully master the game.
  2. Enjoy tasty graphics that will leave you wanting more.
  3. Leader boards to show who is in the lead among you and your friends.
  4. Over 500 levels that are new.
  5. Charms and boosters to help friends who are in challenging levels.
  6. There are items to unlock by completing certain levels.
  7. Picture perfect synchronization with the Facebook version.



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