Candy Crush Saga – Crushing the Competition

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Candy Crush Saga is the smash hit game from, which can be played either through the site or through Facebook.

It is a classic match three game, but comes with delightful missions that need the use of differing strategies to achieve results. The graphics are of a high resolution and the music that goes with it is very soothing and pleasant. The game has millions of active users checking into the app every day. Players need to use their skills and patience to go through the 400 plus levels of this game. The app is said to earn more than a million dollars every day.

Social Integration Feature

The Facebook integration is a wonderful feature, as you can view friends’ scores and it adds a competitive element to the game. Due to the social integration, friends are able to view your current scores and this has made the game even more addictive. Getting the top spot in the various levels becomes somewhat of an addiction. The unique social experience makes it a more personalized game and offers additional incentives to replay certain levels and increase your scores to beat those of others.

Match Three

The task in the game is to match three or more same colored candies to make them disappear and reach specific goals, such as reaching a high score or clearing jellies and so on. There are challenges that include clearing jellies and others where you have to bring down special ingredients that drop from the top of the screen. However, the catch in the game is that the number of moves is limited and in some cases, the time is limited.

Powerups and Boosters

There are boosters or powerups available in the game, which add to the fun and complexity. For instance, the Lollipop Hammer is a booster that enables the smashing of a candy, when you are not able to clear it in the normal manner. Another booster consists of different colored jellyfish that swim across the board and swallow the candies, which match their color, when activated. Additional moves are also available and can be used for getting more chances of achieving the goal. These are some of the powerups that you can unlock in the game. This can be done either by using the Daily Wheel that offers you boosters, everyday or by paying for it.

Making Purchases

Candy Crush Saga is a free game, but players who wish to do so can make purchases using real money. They can purchase the above-mentioned boosters and plenty of others as well. They can also purchase additional lives. Alternatively, players will have to wait for some time to get the lives replenished. They are only allowed five lives at a time. They can also get additional lives from Facebook friends. There is absolutely no pressure on players to make purchases or spend real money on these boosters. However, the later stages of the game are quite difficult and might take several attempts to clear, without these boosters. Avid gamers become impatient or frustrated and give in to the temptation of making such purchases to advance quickly in the game to higher levels.

Secret of its Appeal

The secret of the appeal in the game is the reward system. The game rewards players who are patient by giving them an additional life after every half hour up to a total of five lives. Players can wait and then resume playing or they can pay up or ask their Facebook friends for additional lives. When they ask friends, it helps to spread the game virally, through the social media. The time limit of half hour for replenishing a life seems very fair and is also useful, as players can take a break before facing the challenge again.

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