Call of Duty Ghosts Receive Final DLC with The Smallest Map

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Do you still remember that there is a Call of Duty Ghosts?

Most players have given it the go, because it gave a mediocre performance, according to avid COD fans and many feel that it was a colossal failure for the franchise, in a long time. However, for those who are still playing the game online in feverish multiplayer matches, there will be a bunch of new maps to explore and one of the smaller maps from Call of Duty series has had a remake in it.

For players who love to run around in circles and gun at each other without having to plan much, such small maps are a delight, where they can use weapons like a shotgun that is capable of earning you the most kills. It is also to be noted, at this point, that this will be the final DLC that the game receives and everyone is already gearing up for the new Advanced Warfare game from Sledgehammer. The new title looks increasingly promising and has all the best elements that gamers would want. It is going to be a huge success based on the hype that has been generated surrounding it and according to statistics, the videos of Advanced Warfare on Youtube is one of the most viewed, especially the story’s campaign trailer that got released recently.

Nemesis DLC

Titled as the Nemesis, the final DLC for Call of Duty Ghosts features four new maps to play with and Activision has officially announced that it will come with exclusive content for the Xbox 360 as well as the Xbox One platforms. One of the maps has a minecraft, where, as a player, you can hop onto and ride around its trail while gunning down opponents. Players who haven’t had a chance to explore the Ghosts may dislike it for many reasons, but they can never say no to riding on a mine craft which is serious fun.

It will be made available first for the Microsoft console, but we assume that it is not going to be an exclusive for too long, because when the DLC gets launched on other platforms, it will automatically be there on those as well. The original developers of the DLC have confirmed that all the four maps in this downloadable content will range from being small to medium, designed for close quarter combat.

The Four Maps

The first is the Goldrush which is set in an abandoned gold mine and there will be two mine crafts going around the area in circles. Any players who come into contact will be dead, but those who are strategic enough can mount it to move around with ease. The second map is the subzero which as the name suggests is set inside a submarine base and if you successfully manage to accomplish the kill streak, you can call in a deadly blizzard, to wipe them all off. Dynasty is another map set in a Chinese village and it has a kill streak that allows you to call a VTOL air strike. Showtime is the last in the DLC which is a remake of the COD map Shipment which is said to be set in a futuristic arena.

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