Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – Top 5 Multiplayer Features

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Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is all set to hit the stores this holiday season and developer Sledgehammer games is really proud with what they have done.

The game brings a whole lot of new features into the picture and for the first time, Call of Duty is taking a drastic turn in offering an all-new experience for their fans with intense, aerial combats. Here are the top five features found in the game which should keep you engaged for plenty of hours.


People who have already played Quake in their younger years would instantly recognize that the exoskeleton allows them to jump high and dash as they used to do in the old school game. Similarly, it is also featured in the newly released Titanfall developed by Respawn Entertainment. It is going to be the key component in the game which you can use to jump to cliffs to escape mini tsunamis and use boosted double jump to reach rooftops within seconds. It adds elevation to the game and even allows you to dash mid-air to do something great or slam to the ground to kill an enemy.

Care Packages

Care packages are nothing new to the COD franchise but in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare they are going to offer much more variety than they used to. You will receive them in three different variants, namely weapon loot, character gear and reinforcements. The earlier games had only reinforcements which focus on providing air support, weapons among others. In Advanced Warfare, you will have the ability to change your suit, customize weapons (which is already done by Battlefield games) and unlock score streaks or perks. Trading cards and micro-transactions could be part of the game!

13 Different Perks

The game is going to feature a whole lot of customization options including thirteen different perks to choose from, as well as co-op score streaks. The developers of the game, Sledgehammer, says that there are 350 varieties of weapons available in the game including all the customizations associated with it. Players can even convert a gun turret into a portable cannon and more such creations are easily possible.

Revolutionary Maps

Unlike older versions, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare features maps that are much more responsive and have environmental hazards, which will affect the game play. The tsunami was just one of the few examples the game developers displayed during the multiplayer reveal trailer. While the idea is very similar to what EA had done with their Battlefield series, it is in its infant stage now and doesn’t feature the revolutionary extent that Battlefield 4 has achieved with its Levolution engine. However, we do expect Sledgehammer games to have these additions in almost every map so that they can soon achieve the scale that their competitor has reached already.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has multiple special editions including a Day Zero edition that will let players enjoy the game a day ahead and enjoy double XP for 24 hours before it gets launched for players globally.

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