Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Pre-Orders Aren’t Great

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While we just can’t predict the success of a title purely based on the pre-orders that it receives, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare had to face the brunt of current industry changes and didn’t do as great as the COD series used to do in the past.

Activision agreed to this fact during an earnings call that took place recently, when they said that multiple factors now affect pre-orders because of which the game has been declining steady in the past few years. Some factors, they said, including, ‘digital consumption on the rise, combined with wide availability of new games on launch day’ has led to this change.

The publishers Activision shared this information and also added that Call of Duty is not immune to this decline in pre-orders but one cannot finalize a decision purely based on one context. Speaking at the call, they said, “We will expect Call of Duty to lead the industry in terms of pre-orders and stay true to the hype that the franchise has created over the years. We also look into other metrics and from what we have seen so far, everything looks really strong for the series. It is to be noted that pre-orders cannot be the only metric to assess the success of a title but everything else should be considered when we are trying to assess the momentum of a franchise as big as this.”

Better Than Ghosts

Activision talked about other metrics that play an integral role in determining the success of Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and said that even though it does have a bulk in pre-orders, the purchase momentum for the game is significantly high when compared to Ghosts, and is on track as expected. The game has all the potential to be a top performing game as Activision predicted, and they believe that once the multiplayer reveal takes place at Gamescom 2014, the sales might see a definitive surge because gamers focus more on the multiplayer aspect and would rather not purchase a $60 game purely for its single player campaign.

Despite lacking a single player mode, Titanfall did decently for EA. This strongly indicates why MP always has significance among the gamer community. The same goes for Battlefield as well. Battlefield never had much of a great storyline but continues to be the numero uno of online military shooters.

Will Hardline’s Delay Help?

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare had tough competition with Battlefield Hardline earlier but the game is now officially out of the race. Electronic Arts has postponed the release date to early 2015, which has opened the arena for COD because no other similar shooter is coming out before the end of the year. It is all set to compete against older Call of Duty games rather than the usual competition from EA games. Given the strong storyline, featuring Kevin Spacey and the three years of hard work that the development had put into it, Advanced Warfare might perform well. However, this can be confirmed only after it gets released as pre-orders are no more the benchmark metric.

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