Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Gets Exclusive Xbox One Bundle

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Many new updates have been going around related to the upcoming title Call of Duty Advanced Warfare from Sledgehammer games.

The studio is now under pressure because the last outing for Activision with Call of Duty Ghosts didn’t go well. In other words, it could be considered the first failure for the publisher ever since Modern Warfare got released. They have also increased the development cycle for the game by giving three years for each studio to polish the game before it gets released to the general public.

Sledgehammer should have made good use of the time given because the single player campaign trailer that we saw featuring Kevin Spacey was visually impressive, had an intriguing storyline and some good weapons to choose from. The multiplayer was also a complete refresh because unlike the games that were delivered so far, the new one seems to have added exo skeletons which are going to bring in a whole lot of difference to the online matches.

Exclusive Xbox One Edition

While Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has already confirmed to be receiving a Day Zero edition and the usual Collector’s edition, it is also going to receive an exclusive Xbox One bundle. Microsoft made the announcement official during the Gamescom event, confirming that similar to how Titanfall got launched a couple of months ago, players will be able to purchase Advanced Warfare as part of the console with the entire console featuring designs inspired by the game.

The controller has been fully revamped after the colors and logo used by the imaginary corporation ATLAS inside the game whereas the top of the console has been split to feature their color on one side while the other is pure black. The design is the only change in the bundle because the hardware and design remain the same. The console will also come bundled with a headset and a physical copy of the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare game. The price of the bundle has been set at $499.99 but it doesn’t include the Kinect sensor. The price is higher than its usual $399 because of the inclusion of the headset as well as the game.

Additional Features

An added advantage of going with the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare bundle is that it will come with 1TB hard drive storage which will allow you to store a whole lot of games without having to keep physical disc copies of them. The gaming industry is slowly moving towards a digital distribution which the PC has already adopted and the increase in space will favour this change. Customers can also choose to buy the Day Zero edition, which will let them play the game a day earlier besides being able to earn double XP points for 24 hours before the game gets launched officially for everyone. It will have specific in-game items including the EM1 Quantum directed advanced gun that should give players an added advantage in intense online battles and advanced arsenal bullet brass exoskeleton.




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