Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – ExoSkeleton Doesn’t Make It another Titanfall

The official multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is over and the good news is it isn’t another Titanfall, as some players had feared.

Sledgehammer games had brought in a lot of new features to the multiplayer aspect of the game. Call of Duty, as a series, has offered heavy competition to Battlefield in the online arena and with the introduction of the exoskeletons, it allowed players to hover on the map, double jump to reach high walls and even fly atop another player, to take a back shot. Everything looked like it was a Titanfall in the making, combined with elements from the Crysis games.

After all, Crysis was the first title that made exo suits so popular and paved the way for modern titles that resembled Crytek’s design. Sledgehammer games strongly refuted such a claim and they said, they are going to offer an all new experience, which has no similarity with the titles released so far. In the trailer, Kevin Spacey says that ‘Power Changes Everything’ and it’s not only applicable to the single player campaign, but is an apt fit for the multiplayer modes as well.

Renovated Moves

The jumping capability, provided by the exoskeleton, in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, is simply phenomenal. The game allows you to jump and you can commence a double jump at the end of it. But, the new features just begin here, because players can choose to enhance their boosted double jump by doing a mid-air dodge to escape enemy fire, reverse their move in the air or speed forward to land on a completely different landscape.

You can even choose to slam down on the ground and if an unlucky opponent is standing below, he will be rewarded with instant death. These moves were actually introduced in the wacky game, Saints Row The Third, which offered unlimited fun, but when you bring the same elements to a serious multiplayer title, such as, Call of Duty, the results could be completely different, yet engaging for players.

Responsive Boosts

Sledgehammer games have put in a lot of efforts to make the boosts, in Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, look and feel natural. They are completely responsive and it doesn’t take prolonged movements to recognize your key punches. While it looks a bit goofy to see military soldiers jumping into the air and speeding forward like Superman, it might just strike the right chord, among multiplayer lovers, who are looking for a change in the way games are now.

This could add a whole new level of depth to the game, by offering multiple moves, besides bringing the combat in the air, walls as well as rooftops. There are over seven different abilities incorporated into the exoskeleton but they are limited by the suit’s battery power. Once it drains out, you have to wait until it recharges again. There’s a Overclock, to boost your speed, cloak to conceal your identity, shield to protect you, Ping to detect other suits, trophy system to deflect grenades and rockets, among many others.

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