Call of Duty Advanced Warfare Could Be the Next Series like Modern Warfare

Having spent over three years in the making and invested so many hours in terms of human resources, it is given that Sledgehammer games would love to see Call of Duty Advanced Warfare become a series of its own.

By series, they mean to say that it could be the next Modern Warfare, which may even become a trilogy. But, the developers say that every decision has to be made by none other than Activision, because they are the owners of the franchise and are supposed to make the final call.

Speaking in a recent interview, Aaron Halon, Director of Product Development said, “At the moment we are really busy trying to focus on getting Advanced Warfare out. Without a doubt, getting the game in the hands of our ardent fans is our sole objective; but we do have the idea to make Call of Duty Advanced Warfare in to a sub series, if situation permits. It would be really great to have the game added to the list, but Activision should tell us to do it.”

A Futuristic Setup Is Ready

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare has an amazing futuristic setup, ready already, and has a great actor, Kevin Spacey, in the lead. From what we have seen so far, including the single player campaign trailer, the sound and the meticulous work that game developers have put into, it is obvious they might want the franchise to flourish. The game has all the good elements in it and has the potential to become the next Modern Warfare, if promoted in the right manner.

The multiplayer aspect is yet to be revealed, which Sledgehammer has promised, will take place during the Gamescom 2014 event, to be held in Cologne, Germany. Many critics in the industry believe that this could be the game changer, since 2007, when the original Modern Warfare got released. It entirely changed the way first person shooters are, right from removing health packs, ammo issues to introducing the concept of being able to customize each class of soldiers as you need.

Serious Competition Awaits

The single player game play trailer looked awesome, featuring Kevin Spacey and it is no doubt that Sledgehammer has created a game that is going to triumph with its campaign mode. But, they do have serious competition in the multiplayer mode from Titanfall. The glimpse into the player’s ability to jump onto walls and walk over them, is very similar to the game created by Respawn Entertainment. Even though, the full reveal hasn’t taken place yet, it can be assumed that the exo-skeleton suit is going to give something similar to a game that already exists.

At the moment, we are not sure how Sledgehammer is going to handle this issue and help in making its own title, stand apart. If they are planning a trilogy with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, then they do have to do a lot of work, to help their multiplayer aspect stand apart and keep the crowd interested, for a long time to come.

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