Boom Beach – Spiritual Successor of Clash of Clans

Combat Strategy Game

Boom Beach is a combat strategy game, where the player has to fight through an epic war to defeat the evil Blackguard. The enemy has invaded the beautiful islands and the player has to free the enslaved islanders and explore the islands. The fight also involves harnessing the secret powers hidden in the islands.

More Game Depth

Boom Beach is quite similar to the previous title from Supercell, namely, the Clash of Clans. Just as in Clash of Clans, the player has to build defenses and protect his resources in Boom Beach. He also has to train troops and then send them for battle. Though the fundamentals are almost the same in both the games, Boom Beach offers a greater depth in the gameplay when compared to its older sibling. This results in a game that is richer and more satisfying than the previous one from Supercell. It is an excellent follow up to the highly successful game Clash of Clans, especially so when the player is up against other players.

Getting Started – Slower Pace

The game begins with a home base for the player, where he has to defend the headquarters. The player starts building sniper towers, getting machine guns, cannons and mortars, with the objective of stopping the Blackguard forces from destroying him. However, the player cannot buy units for building or upgrading several structures simultaneously. He can only issue a construction command, one at a time. This results in the game providing a slower pace. Many players might be tempted to spend premium currency in order to increase the speed of the gameplay. Yet, it is important that you don’t get tempted to do this, as you are slowly getting funneled for entering combat. The building aspect is a little sedentary, but makes you spend more time in this mode of the game.

Greater Control

Once you have created your tropical paradise, you cannot just sit back and relax, as you have to attack the baddies and beat them. The purpose is to liberate the natives from captives and thereby get more resources. You will find that once you start battling in the game, you will have more control and access to several means of foiling the opponent’s plans. You will also have more options for tactical approaches in various situations. You can, for instance, heal the affected forces with a medikit or shell a problematic flamethrower and so on. These are direct actions that let the player feel in complete control, so that you are not at the mercy of the artificial intelligence of the game. Every victory that you earn will make you feel that you have earned it with your diligence, rather than paid for it.

Improvements and Enhancements

Firing the flare is one of the best improvements in the game. Players can fire a flare at a particular spot on your game map and the troops start heading towards the spot till it fizzles out. The player is thereby able to guide the soldiers in the mines and focus the firing on a particular target.

There is also a lot of improvement in the visual aspect of the game. When there is an explosion, you can see the trees bend. Moreover, the sea has a beautiful flow and there is much greater detail in all the units and buildings. The production quality is truly high end. As you play the game, you will realize that it has more depth. You keep discovering greater depths in the game and this is very essential for a tactical game played on a mobile device.

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