Battlefield Hardline – The Issues That Delayed It To 2015

If you haven’t played it or didn’t notice what’s amiss in Battlefield Hardline beta, you should read this.

The game definitely had a lot of shortcomings that is why Visceral games and EA had no other choice but to give in to render better quality on release date. Besides, Hardline is facing a tough time not because it is a bad game but because of the fact that Battlefield 4 from DICE disappointed gamers a lot. The franchise is associated with bringing the best experience to players since its first release and they did a great job with Battlefield 3 but with BF4, the studio failed to address the fact that the game got released too early even before all the bugs could be fixed.

Even though, it sold millions of copies and it is still one of the most played online shooter, it didn’t serve its purpose. After all, no one would be happy if they get shot when hiding behind a wall and enemies sniping while hiding inside rubbles because of the glitches. People started exploiting it too much that the game play mechanism got affected but now it is slowly getting better, thanks to the Community Test Environment CTE that is finding all faults and fixing them in time. At this point, Battlefield Hardline came out posing too many similarities to Battlefield 4 but the developers preferred to call it a new game.

Hardline Is Just Re-skinned BF4

RPG gamers buy skin packs and people who love Minecraft buy them as well to dress up their world in new scenarios. But, the actual game remains the same and that is what Battlefield Hardline delivered in its beta. We had a chance to play it and it was influenced a lot by the military shooter than an actual – cops versus robbers game. The weapons were too much to be used by any cop or robber. Players were gunning down opponents using grenades, bazookas and powerful automatic rifles.

Seriously, that is not the actual scenario with a heist when it takes place. The absence of realism made players wonder why they would want to spend another $60 on a game that is more of a DLC to Battlefield 4 than being a standalone title. This was just the beginning because there were other issues as well. As with the tradition, Hardline had plenty of bugs and glitches in the only map that was released for beta. It really annoyed the crowd because no one was ready to pay one more time for a bug-ridden game that is being pushed for release just because EA could make more money.

Time Constraint

When all these problems and more were realized by the developers of Battlefield Hardline, they realized that there is little time to fix them all. EA, on the other hand was wise enough to not risk their reputation again by releasing the title, which is why they agreed to this plan and the game is now postponed to 2015. It may sound disappointing to some gamers but the wait will definitely be worth it.

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