Battlefield Hardline Single-player Story Is Similar to Splinter Cell Double Agent

The developers of Battlefield Hardline, Visceral games, have officially confirmed that the single player campaign in the game is going to be about a good cop who goes undercover to infiltrate a gang, but gets stuck in it because of a betrayal from his own department.

The story is a lot similar to Splinter Cell Double Agent, a game that got critically acclaimed for its storyline and stealth aspects. The game had Sam Fisher, the lead protagonist, come back for vengeance, as he was framed by people he trusted.

A similar plotline has been set for Hardline as well and it is going to be one great fun ride filled with action packed episodes on all corners. For so long, Battlefield didn’t have an impressive single player campaign. Even when we played Battlefield 4, the missions were quite bland and didn’t offer anything great to look at. However, graphically it was the best looking game and if BF Hardline is going to come out in 2015, it is not only going to be truly next gen but also has the responsibility to outwit its own series by being visually impressive.

Television Drama

The developers at Visceral games confirmed that Battlefield Hardline will feature a single player story that will be on par with the newest television series that the audience have come to enjoy so much. Series like 24, Arrow and others are going to hugely inspire the game. The fact that it is being penned by Wendy Calhoun, who is the writer of Nashville, Justified among other television series stands proof to the fact that Visceral is aiming at something different.

Unlike military shooters, which are supposed to be more like movies, on a grand scale, cops and robbers stories are always different. They are more close to real life, featuring people whom we say every other day protecting the city from thugs. The team has also hired Bill Johnson as their performance director who’s famed for his editing in Justified and the West Wing. One blog claims that the story will be about a cop who goes undercover to find the culprit in the gangster group while the other claims that it is about two different cops, one good while the other is badly similar in the lines of the movie ‘The Departed’.

Action to the Brim

Battlefield Hardline is definitely going to be action packed to the brim. Creative director Ian Milham said, “It is going to be a mix of both urban combat as well as the ones set in the desert, similar to Breaking Bad meth country”. The trailer shown revealed Nick, the protagonist of the story who uncovers a huge cocaine warehouse owned by crime lord Roark and because of this incident, Roark decides to make Nick’s life miserable. To straighten things out, he directly becomes part of the group and goes on a lengthy undercover mission to know who framed him in the first place. While it will feature stories similar to television, the developers have made sure it’s optimized to be in a 3D world, where players get to interact directly and feel the situations happening around them.

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