Battlefield Hardline Gets 12 Minutes of Single Player Gameplay

When the creators of Battlefield Hardline said that they are going to create a single player campaign for the game, which will be heavily inspired by modern day crime television series, we weren’t surprised or amazed.

Such a scenario has been created because the title is always associated with mediocre campaigns that don’t leave a mark, whereas, their competitor, Call of Duty, often succeeded in this area. Visceral games, is the team behind the single player missions now, which is a welcome change.

DICE has been the best in the industry, but all their strength lies in the multiplayer section, whereas story missions will be as boring as it is, in most games. Even the critically successful Battlefield 4 had a lackluster story that it hardly grabbed our attention. We kind of lost the interest within thirty minutes of the game play, but the same will never happen with Hardline. At least, they are trying and the newly released twelve minutes of game play video looks promising, to a good extent.

In-Game Footage

The newly released trailer for Battlefield Hardline is completely captured from the in-game footage. You should learn to forgive some graphical mishaps because it is an alpha footage. It still looks gorgeous and superior, compared to most other titles in the industry, because EA has been in the forefront of graphical fidelity, with the majority of their titles being visually impressive.

The video, which runs for a little over twelve minutes, shows the story of two friendly cops who meet a gangster, under a different pretext and gets arrested by them. Soon, they find themselves jailed under a missile silo and the objective is to escape it, without getting hurt. The world is realistic and if all goes well, with an engaging storyline, this is definitely going to be a hit in the series. And, we really hope that Visceral would help EA prove fans wrong that they don’t come up with bad single player campaigns all the time.

Rescue Mode

If you have already played Counter Strike, Rescue Mode in Battlefield Hardline, should be exceptionally familiar, except for the fact that it looks and plays different. The objective is to save hostages captured by robbers and it does remind us of the recently released trailer for Rainbow Siege. But, unlike Tom Clancy’s version, which is more of a simulator that needs lots of planning and strategic execution, you can simply storm into Hardline, because it is highly forgiving.

On the whole, the video showed to reveal the Rescue Mode was somewhat average and doesn’t impress us too much. Things may look better, closer to release date, as Battlefield Hardline is a good couple of months away from 2015, at the moment. While the game’s beta had been already out, EA and Visceral, for some reason, decided to postpone it to next year. They claim that it is all about polishing the game and we hope they stick to their word to make sure whatever that is delivered is up to what players have come to expect of the franchise.

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