Battlefield Hardline Delay Is a Good Move by the Developers

Delaying the release date of Battlefield Hardline to 2015, definitely looks like a wise move this time, because, after Call of Duty Advanced Warfare story trailer got released recently, it is confirmed that Visceral games has a tough competitor to fight against.

The story, in Advanced Warfare, features a prominent actor like Kevin Spacey and has a futuristic setting with all the elements that could lead to a great time. While cops and robbers theme of Hardline is not less in this scenario, the developers are expected to come up with something better or equivalent to their competition.

The delay would definitely help them refine the storyline so that it is on par with the cinematic experience that Call of Duty is known for. Besides, for the first time, DICE is not handling the campaign, which is good news, because they often come up with mediocre storylines, while their strength lies in the multiplayer aspect. We did get a glimpse of the story to expect during the Comic Con 2014 event where developers, from Visceral, shared some one liner about the game in progress. It does sound good to hear and the trailer had already showed some glimpses into the single player campaign.

Comic Con Reveal

During the panel at Comic Con 2014, the Battlefield Hardline team spoke about the story line that they are working on. It is about straight shooting cops who are extremely dedicated to their profession and are committed to helping the law, nab those criminals. Their extreme dedication to their job lands them in trouble when another group from the legal body decides to frame them for a crime they didn’t commit and make sure they go to prison. Any sane person wouldn’t accept such things as fate, when they know that there is something wrong with the events and when these cops find that someone is behind all this, they decide to set things right and show the world that they didn’t commit the crime for which they were framed for.

While this storyline is a lot similar to the television series that we see today, the developers at Visceral confirmed that it is indeed going to be a cinematic experience similar to the series. The lead cast is already formed by people who hail from multiple series such as Bones, Arrow and The Shield which indicates what the game designers are aiming to achieve. They want to make players feel as if they are right in the middle of the action and make decisions that would count towards the ultimate end.

Polishing the Title

Battlefield Hardline Comic Can panel also revealed that they learnt a lot of new things from the beta and the player comments as well as the time gained, because of the delay, will help them transcend the game to great levels. “We will have a great game in the end with all the changes that players asked for and much more that would define what Hardline is all about. A release date delay would hardly matter because great games can make players forget their time of release,” they said.

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