Batman: Arkham Knight – New Things to Look Forward To

The hugely successful Batman franchise is all set to come out with another addition to their legacy, the Batman: Arkham Knight.

This is the fourth installment and succeeds the Batman: Arkham Origins. The action adventure game is a much loved one among Batman lovers and also the action fanatics. The developers, Rocksteady Studios, claim that the new game will be different from the others in terms of its story line, mechanics, and game dynamics and will include a host of new and additional features to woo all admiration from game loyalists. It will be released on the next generation video consoles like the Play Station 4 and the XBox One, besides Windows. This is a clear indication that the game will have high graphics and heavy feature inclusion as compared to its predecessors. Some of the most expected features are listed below.

An Entirely Different Story

The story of the Batman and his nemesis, the Joker, comes to an end in the Batman: Arkham Origins. So the game has a grim look all over as Batman tries to come to terms with his normal life while the outside world is facing threats from other dangers. The story will not continue from where the previous version left, instead it will be based on something different as per the DC comics. So the players can expect a lot of surprises and an entirely different story line to keep them engaged and interested throughout.

Batmobile and Other Features

The Batmobile has been completely revamped and packed with a host of new features. It can be controlled remotely and the Batman can ask it to come to a particular position and then get into it directly. It can drive on walls and shoot out flames and missiles in order to remove obstacles. The Batman can glide over the entire city with just his cape and have a pin pointed view of the things happening under him. This has been a much anticipated improvement. All these features add a new dimension to the game and also enhance Batman’s superhero stature.

A Whole New Set of Villains

This is another feature which will make the game a much interesting one. After the death of the joker, there was a difficulty in making one single person as the main nemesis of Batman. Hence, the game has a host of villains in the form of Penguin and Two Face on one hand and the Riddler and the Scarecrow on the other. They make Batman’s life difficult, each in his own way, which makes game play more interesting and challenging.

The new trailer also puts a question mark on the survival of some of the main characters in the Batman story, like Commissioner Gordon, Alfred and Batgirl. Though nothing much has been revealed by the developers, something unexpected is set to happen in this installment of the Batman series, with so many of Batman’s villains around him. It remains to be seen how the gamers take to the game when it releases, later this year.

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