Asus Zenfone 5 vs LG Volt vs LG G2 Mini – Beautiful Features and Price Comparison

There have been new additions lately in the smartphone market that will capture it unexpectedly. Here you can find our review of some average smartphones that have been currently launched. These devices come out of the box with impressive features, surprising the market. Now we would like to make a comparison between the LG Volt, LG G2 Mini and Asus Zenfone5.

LG Volt

First, the LG Volt is the handset with a smooth look, which has a quite big display of 5.18 by 2.6 inches that makes it noticeable and in accordance with the trend of large screens for smartphones in the last few years. The screen covers and is the first thing that you will notice when holding the phone. The size of the screen is what makes the phone stand out and it is the best future of it, although the screen resolution is fairly unremarkable (540×960 pixels). Also, the phone weighs 4.8g. which is awesome considering all the specs that this device from LG provides. Firstly, it is a touchscreen mobile with no exterior buttons.

The display screen has also scratch resistance and it should make it a long lasting phone, when handle properly. The essential asset to this LG is its processing strength; it comes with a Quad-Core processor of 1200 MHz and it enables you to use many applications without a problem. The battery unit offers impressive talk-time of 24 hours, which is almost double than any other mid-tier phone. The LG Volt runs on Android OS 4.4, which allows the users to fully enjoy the phone. When it comes to the camera, the device sports a reasonable shooter of 8 MP. In addition, the smartphone is bundled with 1024 MB of RAM. The LG Volt retails surprisingly for just under $200.

LG G2 Mini

Second, another device noticeably is the LG G2 Mini, which is a smaller version of its predecessor the LG G2. The phone proves that nowadays technology is amazingly allowing creators to assemble more under a smaller shell. The G2 Mini is packed with a Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A7 processor of 1200 MHz. Unluckily this phone does not provide much system memory,  it only has 1024 MB. The phone’s display is astonishingly big for a device named “Mini”. Its dimensions are 5.10 by 2.6 inches and it weighs only 7.27 g. One great feature is its long lasting battery unit. It is amazing that is likely to go days between charges. Additionally, the LG G2 Mini support micro SD that enables you to move files simply. This phone runs on Android OS 4.4.2, which is pretty strong. Also, the G2 Mini houses an 8 MP primary camera unit. The Mini version of LG is a serious effort to shake off the mid-tier mobile market. It is notable that the phone is pricier; it can be purchase around $250.

Asus Zenfone 5

The last one, the Asus Zenfone 5 is a lot alike to the LG Volt, by having a giant screen display. Actually, it has the dimensions at 5.83 x2.87 inches, which makes it even bigger than the LG Volt. It is noticeably the screen resolution of the display of 720 x 1280 pixels. The phone weighs 5.11 ounces, which makes it a lighter handset. The Asus phone runs on Android OS 4.3 (a previous version) but you will forget about that when you see the other specs. While the battery life is shorter for the Asus device this shouldn’t be an inconvenience because it has a great Dual Core processor of 2000 MHz and additionally a Power VR SGX 544MP2 for graphics. This is all not to mention the 2048 MB of RAM that will allow your phone to run its programs. You will find that this phone is exceptional at processing the information that it has been provided. The Asus Zenfone 5 provides a primary camera is of reliable 8 MP and a LED flash that is useful capturing good photos in any situation. Thus, the Asus phone is purchasable at about the same reasonable price as the LG Volt.

However, all the three devices are powerful. They all have similar camera resolutions but there are differences on their processors. It is difficult to choose one best phone between the three ones. Thus, the LG Volt stands out a little among the others. For its price, you will see that the LG Volt cannot be beaten with all that this phone provides. Its best feature is the exterior design that makes it a smooth looking device which is certainly impressive to everyone who is checking it out.

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