Apple iPhone 5S Vs iPhone 5C Specs – Battle Of The Mini-Titans

Many iPhone fans have a hard time choosing between the 5S and 5C. The 5S is awesome in the hardware department and is the more premium device between the two, whereas, the iPhone 5C starts off at a lower price point and has some flashy looking colors with its polycarbonate plastic casing.

Here is a closer comparison between these two iPhone’s.

The Build

This is the most noticeable difference between these two smartphones. The iPhone 5S has the aluminum unibody that is seen on the iPhone 5. It looks very similar, though it comes with a variety of new versions – the silver, black and gold versions.

The iPhone 5C is made of hard-coated polycarbonate material, which is a fancy name for plastic. It is available in blue, green, yellow, pink, and white; so you have different variations of some bright pastel colors. The 5C is not going to look and feel as premium as the 5S or even the iPhone 5.

Size and Screen

In terms of differences in size, many people thought that these two phones would be the same size, but this is not the case. The 5C is slightly larger having 0.6mm height and 0.6mm width roughly about 1.4mm thicker as well. The 5S has a measurement of 123.8mm X 58.6mm X 7.6mm. The 5C is also slightly 20 grams heavier (132g), whereas the 5S weighs 112 grams. So even with the plastic material, the 5C is heavier.

The screens of both devices are identical as they are 4.0 inches long having a 1136 X 640 resolution and a 326 ppi density. The advantage of this is that developers will not have to update their app for a different resolution. You will still have the same resolution as the iPhone 5.

The Internals

The 5C has the same A6 chip that is in the iPhone5. On the other hand, the 5S has the A7 chip; it is a 64-bit chip and is supposedly twice as fast. It also has the M7 core processor, so it is supposed to be much faster, especially in those high-intensity games.

In terms of the storage options, the 5S has the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB versions whereas the iPhone 5C only has the 16GB and 32GB versions. Neither of the two has expandable storage.

The Camera and Video

As for the cameras, resolution-wise both iPhone’s are exactly the same with 8 megapixels. The 5C has a 2.4 aperture, and the pixels are 1.3 microns large. The iPhone 5S has larger pixels, even though it has the same resolution. It has a 15% larger sensor size and the pixels are 1.5 microns each; so they capture, that little bit lighter. The 5S also has a TrueTone dual LED flash and burst mode compared to the 5C’s single LED flash.

The OS and Battery

Both devices run on iOS 7. However, the 5S also has a touch ID (finger screen scanner on the home button). Both devices also have the Li-on 1440 mAh non-removable batteries.

The Price

The iPhone 5S 16GB version costs £549, 32GB – £629 and 64GB – £709. The 16GB cost $199 (1 year contract). The 5C is priced at about £469 for the 16GB and £549 for the 32GB version. The 16GB version goes for about $99 (1 year contract).

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