Angry Birds – The Global Phenomenon Now Goes Galactic

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Basic Storyline

Angry Birds was released by Rovio Entertainment and was developed in Finland, the objective being that the birds must destroy the pigs and their structures. The birds have to be launched from slingshots and should hit the constructions around the pigs and eliminate them. The player is allotted a certain number of birds for every level and he can use them for this purpose. There are currently ten styles of this gameplay available, including the Mighty Eagle. The birds, each, have different abilities, such as being able to divide into three; exploding and destroying; being able to boomerang and so on. Players can click on the screen or tap the screen when the bird is flying in order to use these abilities. The bad piggies are the enemies and are constantly stealing the eggs of the birds and they are also present in a variety.

What’s New?

The latest version of Angry Birds 4.2.0 comes with some new and exciting updates that have been eagerly awaited, by avid gamers. Angry Birds can now make use of unique powers for dishing out revenge to the greedy pigs for stealing their eggs. Each of the birds comes with special powers, for destroying the defenses of the pigs. The new game play needs a lot of logic and skill to solve the levels.

Mighty Eagle

If players get stuck in any of the levels, they can purchase the Mighty Eagle. It is an in app purchase to be made and is a one-time purchase that offers unlimited amount of use to the player. The mighty eagle is a phenomenal bird that can fly from the skies and create havoc on the pigs and throw them into oblivion. However, there is one small issue, as you can use this feature of the Mighty Eagle only once in an hour for passing a level. The gameplay objectives and the achievements required have also been changed in the Mighty Eagle.

New Power Ups

Power ups and boosters have also been enhanced. For instance, you can boost the abilities of the birds and reach three star levels and using this can unlock mysterious or secret content. Among some of the new amazing power ups brought into the game with the 4.2.0 version, is a sling scope, which can be used for laser targeting. In addition, players can use King Sling to give great flinging power and Super Seeds for increasing the size of the birds to a supersize. Birdquake can be used to shaking the defenses of the pigs and bringing them to the ground.

Angry Birds Space – Going Galactic

This version was released in July this year by Rovio Mobile Ltd. Offering an all new game where the birds blast off into space. This version is a free one, but you can also upgrade to Angry Birds Space Premium, which is absolutely advertisement free. In this version, a giant claw has taken the eggs and the Angry Birds chase the offender into a wormhole. They then find themselves in a new and strange galaxy and are surrounded by pigs. The Angry Birds are also endowed with super powers to face the pigs. Angry Birds Space comes with more than 200 levels, in space, where there is zero gravity. The game play is spectacular, as there are slow motion puzzles as well as lightning fast ones. The birds are all brand new and the superpowers are also new. There is a whole new galaxy that players can explore and the sky no longer limits the birds. There are also many tricky shots that make use of the planets’ gravity. Players can also unlock secret bonus levels and enjoy the beautiful backgrounds that are full of breathtaking detail.

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