Angry Birds Go – Thoroughly Enjoyable for Loyalists

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2D to 3D Gameplay

Angry Birds Go is another addition to one of the most popular the mobile gaming franchises. The version is offered in the form of a Mario Kart type of racing game. Angry Birds Go is an adventure that is a downhill cart racer, where the player is able to play various characters of the series. It is a three dimensional adventure, that has shifted from the two dimensional Angry Birds, with just a point and shoot feature that players were previously used to. Yet, it is one that will appeal to players of all ages. Angry Birds Go is available for various mobile platforms, such as the iOS, Android, Blackberry 10 and Windows Phone 8. The game now comes with multiplayer features and more content than when it was released last year.

Addictive Features

The characters are colorful and each of them has some unique power ups that can be used to destroy the opposition. The controls are fairly simple, as you can steer through the game using the tilt controls or buttons present on the screen. The racer is a downhill type, so you don’t need to bother about acceleration or braking, as gravity takes care of the movement.

Getting Started

The game starts with the player taking off as one character, namely the Red bird, and with one car. It is almost similar to boss battles, where the player will be able to unlock a new character by completing races. However, the player has to complete a character race thrice in order to get the particular character. The mechanics are awesome and the cars get better and better with more upgrades obtained by spending the in-app coins. You can also use a variety of powerups for proceeding further in the game.

Variety in Races

There is also a lot of variety in the races. For instance, in one particular race, the player has to avoid obstacles and must finish the race before the time bomb bursts. In another game, he has to go through the maximum amount of fruit before coming to the finishing line. Along with these, there are the classic races as well. The player has to find out the best cars and the best characters that will take him successfully through the different levels. The player will have to do a fair bit of grafting in order to get more coins for purchasing upgrades.

Purchasing Options

In the freemium model, apart from the initial 3 car options, the player has to purchase cars with real world money. It is possible to complete the game with the use of stock vehicles that are fully upgraded. However, this is not likely that the players will get those right at the start of the game and players will have to purchase some other vehicles and upgrade them slowly. None of the prices of the car are mentioned in the application, except the starter ones. When you reach the iTunes purchase screen, you can see the astounding prices of the cars. Those who don’t want to spend money on Angry Birds Go, have to put in plenty of hard work.

Limiting Sessions

There is an energy system in the game, which prevents players from playing a very long session. The character is allowed to compete in 5 races and after that he has to rest and get recharged. This kind of feature was not present in any of the other Angry Birds games. The character takes a minimum of ten minutes for recharging and getting energy. However, if you have many characters, this will not be a problem. The player has to slog initially to get two characters, due to this limitation in the form of an energy system. The freemium model does spoil the game, but it is thoroughly enjoyable, especially for those who are loyal to the Angry Birds series.

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