Angry Birds Epic Top Most Amazing Tips, Cheats and Tricks For Best Players

ROVIO released on the App Store their first RPG. Named Angry Birds Epic, it boosts out as expected and became amazingly fast a hit; something that a lot of ROVIO’s games have succeeds to achieve. This game version is a high quality game likewise. If you are reading this, you are interested how to increase your strategy, with our tips and tricks on the Angry Birds Epic. Here are some game cheats that will help you to get three star ratings simply and win.

1. Strategy for using your birds

If you’ve already unlocked the Cleric, strategy will be so simple because its powers of healing are incredibly useful for you. First, the Mage should set out the Lightning Bird hat that enables you to pick one of your birds for attacking a random enemy.

Choose only the Cleric because it does 40 base harm, which is more than the Knight, and also reestablish 8 health to your group. After that you’ll have to attack again with the Cleric, getting doubled free health.

When the Chili counter is complete, use it again with the Mage for bonus healing with casual attacks from the Cleric. You also have to be sure that you always have them protected by the shield of Knight and then you are set to wreak havoc in all levels!

2. How to be centered on one pig at one moment

First you should check out which one of your enemies is the most dangerous and which one is the weakest by pressing and holding on them, then destroy the ones who are faster to get rid of. Bringing down those enemies which are likely to do small damage is the best thing to do firstly because getting down all the small pigs will make more damage than killing only the big ones.

So be clever when it comes to choose your kill.

3. Make friends!

It is pretty necessary to have some friends active on Angry Birds Epic for sending each other items that enable you to roll again. Not necessary that you run for better rewards in each level, but you should have at least a few friends who are playing the game for crafting the equipment and use them till you will make 3 star roll for the best equipment. It’s notable to get the equipment of three stars because you won’t be able to increase it later.

4. Get all the equipment that is available

Always when you make coins, you should achieve all the items and equipment available at the time you unlock a new field of the game. It for your own good to have the items in a place and you should decide what strategy to do for collecting resources, even if you do not own all the materials for crafting the equipment. The same strategy you can use for the helpful Chili and Banana Juice filler; you have to make sure that you held many possible on you during the start of each level.

5. For bonus skills, watch some videos

When a very though mission will come out, you should watch the free-video for 20% more attack and health from ROVIO. You should also know that you have a limited number of videos and you won’t be able to watch it before every game’s mission.

6. Play over again the missions

Re-playing the missions you will get the necessary resources for crafting and by every time you play it you will get more difficult enemies, but you definitely should do it for the purpose mentioned. The primary rule of thumb is to find the simplest mission that gives you the resource that you are lacking off and you should keep doing this till you have enough to materials for crafting new pieces of equipment.

7. Do not use in excess the consumables

In some missions, if you are at the end of it you should not be worried about losing a bird in your troops. Actually you will have to be very cautious with spending your game’s consumables, because there are very hard to achieve. When you do not have other options to play with for winning the mission then you may use the consumables in your game.

8. Find your own rhythm

A pretty amazing thing about Angry Birds Epic game is that it doesn’t require energy and you are able to play it 24/7 (we do not recommend you to do so). To find your own rhythm, do how many missions you can in the primary story, then return and buy all items or get resources from the anterior missions.

Now you have a winning strategy and you can easily succeed in this game without having to spend real-life money. We hope that you found this trips and trick for Angry Birds Epic useful for your gaming!

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