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Apps for your smartphone have always been reviewed and you could get the help of such user reviews to download them and use them.

But, when it comes to your PC, you find that the ocean called internet offers many apps for your PC, which are sometimes reviewed, while sometimes not. Moreover, you never know that an excellently rated app by someone else might prove to be a waste when it comes to you—needs differ.

That is why you are here reading this article. Get a head start on the most essential apps for your PC. Let’s look at 4 such apps for your PC which will come handy.

Easy Tether – Go Wireless

Easy Tether is an app that allows you to share your internet data from your smartphone to the PC. So, if you have a smartphone with a working mobile net connection, then you can go wireless!

An USB tether is essential to connect your computer to your phone’s internet. The app supports tethering for Windows, Mac OS and Linux. What’s the best USP of this app? – It doesn’t require a root access. What more can you ask for!

Have this must-need app installed for your PC.

Cloud Print – Get the Print Job Done

It has always been a concern that printing docs from a mobile phone never gives quality to your docs. This is when the Cloud Print app was launched and took advantage of the situation. Using this app will let you connect the printer to Google’s Cloud storage and you can have your docs saved on the Google Drive. Now you can go ahead and print the docs.

The best point—you can also save screenshots as PDFs and track the status of the docs that are printing in queue. Download this print plug-in version on your PC for free and go easy on printing!

Astro File and Cloud Manager

Organizing, file storing and being perfect might not be the favorite thing to do for many of you out there. Even if you try organizing files and storing them on your PC with appropriate file names, you might find it a herculean task to pull out essential files at the time of emergency.

This is where the Astro File and Cloud Manager app comes handy. Here’s what it does for you-saved your docs, pics, music, videos, files and other doc. In addition, it lets you manage all the files from any device-be it your smartphone, laptop or tab! Finding stored files using this app will be child’s play. Get organized!

AirDroid – Take Control of Your Handset from Your PC

Now managing your handset from your web is possible with AirDroid. Once this app is installed on your PC, it turns the Android handset into a server, permitting user control on the phone from the web.

You will be able to send and receive messages, transfer files, make calls, view the screen of the handset and operate via computer and do everything on the PC that you do with your phone! When carrying your phone has been amiss in your day’s schedule, AirDroid does the personal assistance for you and gives you the real-handset-feel!

Download these apps to make your PC life easier!

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