Amazon Fire TV vs Apple TV – Playing Field Leveled

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In terms of media streaming player, two names top the chart – Apple TV and the last year release, Amazon Fire TV.

The Amazon Fire TV is the last to be released in the media streaming player list. When the Fire TV was launched, the other media streaming players had already established themselves in the market, had undergone upgradations and some were about to release their updated versions. However, Fire TV has increased its app selection since its release in April last year.

Do not misinterpret the success of Fire TV. In fact, it struggled in the initial stages of its release. However, the second-quarter report put forward by Amazon revealed that the Fire TV sales exceeded considerably. The sales forecast made by the company was left way behind. The company is working hard to enhance the increase made by the device, along with their manufacturing output.

However, the Fire TV application options have more than doubled. The device offers hundreds of latest games and services since its release in April 2013. The media-streaming device offers games such as Dungeon Quest, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, Flappy Birds Family and the Castle of Illusion featuring Mickey Mouse. However, the official Flappy Birds Family is an exclusive Fire TV game. In addition, the Fire TV offers new services such as WATCH Disney Jr., WATCH Disney Channel, WWE Network, Animal Planet Live and MLB.TV.

In case, that was not sufficient, Amazon promised additional noteworthy Fire TV services to be provided to the user by the end of this year. These services would include WATCH ABC Family, WATCH ABC, A&E, Outside TV, NFL Now, Lifetime, North Face TV, Young Hollywood, Dailymotion, Green TV and Fashion TV.

These services and games certainly level the playing area between the Apple TV and Amazon’s Fire TV. However, Apple TV has been providing the user with most of these services beforehand and Fire TV has promised these services only by this year’s end. Apple TV has an upper edge with its full-screening functionality feature through AirPlay. However, this feature has been matched with Google’s Chromecast streaming media stick.

Nonetheless, users would not overlook Fire TV’s other chief differentiators that include, smart streaming software, burly hardware specs, efficient parenting control and voice search features that truly work. Despite all this, the Amazon Fire Game Controller does not comprise of a pleasant design, although there is a firm step in right direction, for promoting a multitude of Android-based video games that can be enjoyed by users via Fire TV.

Apparently, Amazon is striving hard to endorse Fire TV in the market, both as a top media-streaming device and a practical gaming platform. In case, the Fire TV is successful in providing its services to the users for a long span of time, it would imply high-scope digital media sales for Amazon. The company would be working hard to provide the user with latest service extension such as music app for the Fire TV users. Amazon did not start with the highest-margin business, but would strive to reach the top spot in as less time as possible.


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