Adobe Flash Player 15 For Download With Brilliant New Features

Adobe Flash Player 15 is a powerful adaptable multiplatform client and it is recommended for both organizations and individuals. It supports multiple languages and it was updated on August 7, 2014.

Adobe Flash Player 15 supports many multimedia formats and it features multi thread video recording, webcam support and accelerated graphics. Along with these great features it also enables a greater privacy control.

In the previous versions of Adobe Flash Player, after you switched the render texture through Context3D, you were required to clear it before drawing. Now, with the new Adobe Flash Player 15, the developers finally removed this limitation and optimized the use of render textures.

A new feature is the hardware video decoding, which will enable the production of top class quality, low bandwidth video using an advanced technology for compression along with multi threaded video decoding. This feature will reduce your PC’s CPU usage and it will improve the performance of the video players this program supports.

Flash 15 features an improved support for browser zoom level. This feature will allow the stage3D buffer to change in size, synchronizing with the changes from the browser zoom level.

The new version of Flash supports a software version of StageVideo that will provide an automatic failover to the software when the StageVideo is not available. With other words, whenever the hardware stage video is not found in the 15 package, it will provide an automatic fall over to the software version.

Adobe Flash Player 15 comes with a changed Full screen orientation that will detect and scale appropriately the information in order to fit in full screen when your device orientation is changed, giving you a real time dynamic effect.

With the new mode you will be able to use an advanced text and rendering engine. This means that your work will have stroke enhancement, radial gradient and blend modes. With other words, the new version can have animation which can have both vector graphics and text. However, this will not take a large amount of space because they will be compressed to reduce the file size.

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