ZTE Nubia N7, Mini And Maxi – Specs, Features & Prices

ZTE is a China based mobile smartphone manufacturing brand best known to offer low and mid-end smartphones. Despite their ability to offer affordable mobile handsets, this brand is yet to reach the top end of the smartphone market where brands like Samsung and Sony dominate.

The ZTE Nubia N7 has been yet another smartphone under the ZTE flagship. This smartphone was released recently and looking at the specs, it is easy to say that it can very well compete with the S5, HTC M8, Sony Sirius or even the LG G3 smartphones.

The Processor

This device is powered by a Snapdragon 801 QUALCOMM, quad-core processor running at 2.5GHz with 2GB RAM. This ensures fast redirections and also supports multitasking. This device comes with 32GB of storage too.


A 13MP rear camera is used on this device’s rear. This is ideal for outdoor and indoor shots. It also comes with flash functionality. 13MP camera offers clarity and image stabilization. The camera app offers simplicity and clarity at its best.

The Screen

This manufacturer has gone ahead and invested in a large display. It comes with a 5.5 Inch QHD display that has a resolution of 2560x1440p. With a power display like this one, you should be worried about power drain. However, ZTE has tackled this issue by featuring a display RAM technology. This adjusts the backlight level in a much better way than other smartphones while at the same time differentiating between moving and static display images.

Battery, Connectivity and OS

This device boasts of a 3000mAh battery and comes with 4G LTE connectivity. The battery guarantees at least 123 hours of standby time and about 8 hours of talk time. The ZTE Nubia N7 runs on a 4.4 Android KitKat version operating system which runs on the ZTE 2.0 proprietary software.

Release Dates and Price

The ZTE Nubia N7 was released in early July 2014 and retails at around $550 in the United States.

The ZTE Nubia N7 Mini and Maxi

Along with the release of the ZTE Nubia N7, the Nubia N7max and the Nubia N7 mini were also released. Interestingly, the N7 Max is almost the same as the N7 with the only difference being that the Max version comes with a 1080p HD display as opposed to the QHD in the N7. The Max version also comes with a 2GB RAM and a 13MP camera.

On the other hand, the N7 Mini greatly misses the point of its name owing to the fact that it is longer than the N7 and the N7 max. However, it comes with a 5.0 inch screen which is 0.5 inches smaller than the other 2 phone versions. However, it comes with a 1080p HD display similar to the Max version. It also comes with a 13MP camera and 16GB RAM. All the other features remain the same as the N7 and the N7 Max.

The ZTE Nubia N7 smartphone is worth a try. It is quite affordable for a phone with its specs and is giving the likes of LG and Samsung brands a run for their money.

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