Why You Should Download Skype Today?

Are you looking to talk to your international friends without burning a big hole in your pocket?

Do you want to conduct virtual meetings with your employees located in different parts of the world simultaneously so that you could avoid communication gaps and wrong information?

In both these cases, it is Skype that will turn out to be handy for you. Skype offers some of the finest features and the fact that it is available for free makes it an excellent choice for many. Here, we will familiarize you with the best features that make Skype a winning choice.

Video Calls

While there are a lot of apps that can offer you the facility of voice calls, it is video calls that remain the main talking point. When you are conducting an office meeting, you may need to see the faces of your employees and explain the details so that you can be sure that you have explained your point.

The video calling facility offered by Skype is pretty impressive and if you have a stable internet connection, you should be able to stay in touch without any unwanted problems at all.

Share Files and More

Skype offers more than an instant messaging facility. When you are using Skype, you can share files and attachments and make the most out of this platform. The file sharing system is very convenient as you have an option to attach files.

The overall user interface offered by Skype is easy to understand and you do not need any kind of special instructions to use this app.

Make Your Favorite List

Many a times, it may so happen that you have a great many contacts in your list, but you hardly talk to them. Skype offers you the option of making a favorite list which makes it extremely easy to keep your important contacts sorted. It is this feature that makes it much easier to talk on Skype. You can customize the list and keep your favorite contacts under one head. Accessing these contacts will be a whole lot easier for you.

Call Landline Numbers

While there are various apps that may offer you the voice calling facility, you may sometimes need to call people who do not have a Skype account. In such cases, Skype allows you to make calls to mobile phones or even landline numbers.

You will have to use Skype credit to make these calls. It is worth adding that Skype is known for its excellent pricing because the charged rates are mostly in the budget. You will be able to pitch in long distance calls at really affordable prices.

These are just a few of the many features that have contributed to the huge popularity of Skype. No doubt, there are other options like Tango, Viber which have come up in the recent past. None of them have managed to come close to the popularity that Skype enjoys. The fact that all these apps are available for free should give you the right incentive to make a call.

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