WhatsApp To Feature Free Calls In Next Update?

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WhatsApp expected to introduce voice features in next download.

In a master-stroke to take on competitors like Viber (which is now a Rakuten owned company), WhatsApp recently announced introduction of VoIP calling feature that was expected to be implemented by the second quarter of the year. However, there are still no clear signs when users would be able to download this update.

The Speculations

During last December, Viber rolled out its “Viber Out” Skype-like feature used for making low-priced outgoing calls to international landline and mobile numbers. Last Friday, a set of screenshots were leaked on the Internet depicting what the VoIP by WhatsApp may look like in iPhone application, which is going to be a free app that can be downloaded from App Store.

Rumors Doing Rounds on the Internet

As per iPhoneItalia, which is an Italian blog on Apple, the interface of VoIP calling is very similar to the all new-look Phone app that can be seen in the latest update of iOS 7.1. The circular End Call button is also very reminiscent to what you see in the new feature. Every time a VoIP call comes in, you can see the name of the call as displayed by the app, along with their phone number and photo.

Another exciting feature is a camera button right at the keyboard’s top. This allows you attaching multiple pictures to any text message. At present, when you are sending multiple pictures with present WhatsApp version it becomes a multi-tap affair. This small change is very likely to get a warm response from those who are fans of sending text messages, and people would certainly download the next release like frenzy!

Official Word from WhatsApp Cofounder

Jan Koum, the co-founder of WhatsApp, confirmed around a month ago that they were going to bring out voice on WhatsApp during the second quarter of this year. Android and iOS edition of WhatsApp will be the first to get the voice calling feature. He also stated that BlackBerry phones and Windows Phone will get the feature little later. As per what is being speculated, the VoIP by WhatsApp is expected to be free. At present WhatsApp only has voicemail, with the help of which you can send free recorded messages to your contacts.

A Powerful Move to Take the Business to Next Level

Koum stated that this is going to be the next stage of evolution in the services provided by WhatsApp, which will help it continue on its mission and keep in touch with people. The company also stated that it is taking the least of bandwidth and optimizing the best to get maximum speed and efficiency.

So, it’d be certainly an exciting development that over a billion people would be keeping an eye on. And, there’s no way you can miss out on all the excitement when WhatsApp officially prepares to roll out the next free download offering Voice Calling features over the next few weeks (or perhaps days, as the end of second quarter isn’t too far!)

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