WhatsApp Plus vs WhatsApp Free Download – What’s the Difference Between Them?

Many users talk about WhatsApp Plus and how many features this application has in addition to the original WhatsApp. Today we’re going to explore these applications and reveal the differences between these two versions, so you can decide what application to use from now on.

First of all, WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of WhatsApp for Android, which was created by a Spanish developer Rafalete, back in 2012. The application is free and is also known as WhatsApp+ or WhatsApp Plus Holo and it comes with a blue icon.

For now, we don’t know if the Plus version of WhatsApp is legal or not, since no representative of WhatsApp made an official statement. However, we can tell you that the application works like a charm and you can install it very easy, but keep in mind that this will require you to uninstall the original WhatsApp.

Now, is it really worth deleting the official WhatsApp for the Plus version of it? Let’s see what WhatsApp Plus comes with in addition.

New Themes

One of the most notable features that WhatsApp Plus comes with is that you can completely change the look of the application. Just choose a new visual theme and style from the total of 700 themes that can be installed directly from WhatsApp Plus. Also, they are totally free.

The themes do not only change the background of the chat, but also they will change even the contact list, the colors of the texts and the bar.

More emoticons added

The original WhatsApp already has a lot of emoticons, but WhatsApp Plus comes with even more, which include the smileys from Google Hangouts. However, these emoticons will be seen only by the ones who have installed WhatsApp Plus on their phones, meaning that if you send some “unofficial” emoticon from your WhatsApp Plus to someone who has the official version of WhatsApp, (s)he will see a question mark instead of the smiley.

Hide your status and your last connection time

Even if, recently, the official WhatsApp has finally got the feature which will let you hide the last time you logged in on WhatsApp, this feature has been added to the WhatsApp Plus for quite some time already.

File sharing size limit

WhatsApp Plus has the option to change the size limit of the files you want to send from 2MB to 50MB. You also have some options to maintain the size and quality of the images and videos you send.

Options to edit the appearance

WhatsApp Plus comes with 6 more menus that allow you to edit the appearance and settings of the application such as the size and the colors of chat images, size and colors of widgets or even the color of the launcher icon.


If you want to “overhaul” WhatsApp, then WhatsApp Plus is a very good alternative and we assure you that you will enjoy it from the first time you start using it.


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