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How do you stay connected with your friends? There are different types of apps that you can use and WhatsApp is definitely the most popular among them.

The number of users that have been using WhatsApp is huge and whooping. Have you used WhatsApp before? If you haven’t, here we will list some of the key details to get you started.

Free To Download

We all love free apps, don’t we? WhatsApp is available for free download and comes with a free membership for a single year. After you have used it for a year, you need to make a payment for the remaining years. You can avail bulk subscription for three years and enjoy a rebate on the total cost.

Ease of Use

After you have downloaded the app, the next thing is installing it. The instructions are extremely simple to follow and you should not face any kind of difficulty whatsoever during the process.  In order to retrieve all your contacts that are already on WhatsApp, you are advised to synchronize your contact list.

You have the option of synchronizing your contacts via Facebook, Twitter or Gmail, depending upon the choices that your phone offers you. When you synchronize the contacts, it becomes easier to retrieve the ones who are already on WhatsApp.

Is There Any in – App Purchases?

Often you will find apps that are extremely useful and available for free. However, there are too many in – app purchases that need to be made. WhatsApp does not fall in this category. There are absolutely no purchases that you need to make apart from renewing your subscription once the free one expires after a year.

Chat For Free

After you have downloaded the app and installed it, you can easily chat with your contacts for free. Regardless of the geographical location of your friends, sending messages and even multimedia files is entirely free of cost.

WhatsApp has really revolutionized the way we have been sending messages. You no longer need to worry about long distance telephone charges because staying connected was never so easy. Not only this, you can animate your messages by incorporating emoticons and thereby making the most out of your need to talk.

With emoticons, expressing your feelings and state of mind is much easier as you will be able to strike a lively conversation. Almost everyone who owns a smartphone is likely to use WhatsApp because of the easy to use interface and the smart features it has to offer.

If you have not used WhatsApp before, you should download it today After using it for a few days, you can pass your verdict on the app. Most users have rated it in a positive light for the same reason that it offers too many brilliant features to ignore. Chat with your friends and stay connected all the time without spending an extra dime.

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