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Facebook recently acquired WhatsApp, at an astounding price of 19 billion dollars.

It now brings in the feature for disabling the ‘last seen’ time feature on Android devices. This feature had been a controversial one among users and the disabling of the feature was available for iOS devices and is now also available for Android phones. The new features available in the latest updates also include the ability of limiting the visibility status or profile photographs of the user.


Contacts will not be able to see the time you were last seen, using the application on your phone. You can turn off the feature completely, so that no one sees them or you can enable certain people to see the information. Users can also hide their profile pictures from others who are not on their list of contacts. They can also hide it from people in their contact list, whom they don’t want to look through their personal information. There are options for selecting to show the information to all, to all people in your contacts or to no one at all. Apart from tweaking the last seen status or the profile photo, there is also an increase in the message history that users can send. An entire conversation history can be sent from WhatsApp through email. Users have to click on the menu option on the conversation, found at the bottom right and go to More. Select the Email Conversation and enter the recipient’s address. The entire text conversation including pictures, voice clips and video clips can be sent to the recipient.


Scrolling through Conversations


Sometimes the conversations with contacts gets really too long and it is quite frustrating to scroll all the way back to the beginning of the conversation. There is a new feature with a button that appears near the conversation. This button takes the user to the newest message.


WhatsApp for Windows Phone


WhatsApp comes with additional new features for Windows phones, offering the ability of chat backgrounds and improved privacy settings. Users can also customize their notification tones.


What Else is New?


WhatsApp brings in new privacy settings related to the last seen feature, the profile photo and the status of the user, as mentioned above. In addition, the latest version also offers a Camera shortcut, so that users can send pictures more quickly. Users can also pay for the service used by a friend. Android users can now pay for each other in case of subscriptions. WhatsApp is free for one year and after this period; the user has to pay a token amount of $0.99 for a year of continued service. Android device users can also pay for their friends through their phones, in devices such as Android, the iOS devices and Blackberry phones. This is WhatsApp’s new way of supporting and encouraging users, while promoting their service to other friends, so that they are all able to remain in the same platform.


Big video thumbnails can also be added in the Chat feature. There is also an additional option for showing messages that have not been read or unread messages, which can be seen on the home screen widget. In addition, users can use options for sharing, saving profile pictures or group icons.


More Features Expected


Since WhatsApp has been bought over by Facebook, it probably means that users can expect a lot of other useful features and functionalities from the application. This will ensure that the app stands out from the rest of the competition. It is also expected that voice calling will also be added to the features in the later part of this year. Some of the features mentioned here are available only for the Android version of the application, whereas some are available for all platforms using the application.

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