WhatsApp – A Quiet Juggernaut in the Texting World

WhatsApp Messenger for Android and iOS devices offers the user a free chatting application with additional features.

When you install this app on your phone, you can save money, as text chatter is free across platforms. However, it is only possible to chat with the other person if he or she also has the app on their devices. Facebook recently acquired WhatsApp Messenger, but this does not make much of a difference to the features of the app at the moment. The greatest advantage of WhatsApp is that you can send free messages internationally. Another advantage is its huge user base of nearly 400 million people from all over the world.

Easy Navigation Features

Chats can be seen in small text bubbles along with a time stamp on the message. The app also offers notification when the text message has been viewed by the receiver. You can also send audio and video files within the chat message. In addition, WhatsApp messenger also enables making changes in the background and sending your GPS location through the interactive map on the app. You can also use ready notes, such as: I’m busy; Available; my battery is about to die; or even block someone you wish to. If you wish, you can send the information about a contact to another friend within the app and the other person can easily add this. In addition, another twist to the app is that you can add or share your location on the Google Maps while sending a message. These are some of the appealing and useful features within the app.

All accounts are tied up with a single mobile phone number and the application automatically scans the list of the phone numbers in the address book of the device. It extracts the numbers that use WhatsApp, so you can easily start messaging them directly.

Group Conversations

WhatsApp offers a great platform for group discussions. It is a platform that can be used by multiple users and for group messages. The Broadcast message feature brings up the entire list of contacts to which you can send the message. The Group feature also enables you to create a group and send group messages.

You can send group messages for a maximum number of ten people in a group and also assign a title for the discussion. The participant also has the option to unsubscribe; so there is no chance of spamming people with messages.


WhatsApp is a free application that can be downloaded by users of Android and iOS devices. The cost of the application was $0.9 previously, but the model changed during 2013. The application is free initially for a year, but after this period, the user has to pay a fee of $0.99 for the next year subscription. $1 per year for a great messaging app that works on various platforms is quite attractive.


WhatsApp is an application that works smoothly on 3G and WiFi networks. It offers support for various operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Blackberry devices, Windows Phones, Symbian and some others.


WhatsApp has a huge global user base and is a very popular text messaging option, offering cross platform features. It is a must have, for those with relatives and friends who live overseas or for those who text a lot on their mobile devices. You can freely send messages from anywhere to anywhere in the world without even touching the SMS plan. WhatsApp does not have an extensive list of features and does not enable video chatting, like Skype or Hangouts. However, there is news that video calling will soon be enabled in WhatsApp. It also does not come with a companion PC application, unlike Viber.

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