What Makes Google Talk a Better Choice Over Other Messengers?

Powered by Google, Google Talk is a much sought after video and text messenger in the present world.

Easily accessible through e-mail or as a standalone application, you can use it on any computer or smartphone that has an active data connection. Also, the ability to support multiple operating systems such as Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, Symbian, Chrome OS and iOS has made this wonderful messenger rank a step ahead of its counterparts. Moreover, the offline messaging feature made it possible for users to get across their messages to their buddies even if they are not signed in. Although Google Talk was replaced by Google Hangouts, it still has a large fan base with many people still showing preference for the former.

Features worth Exploring in Google Talk

Like its counterparts, Google Talk allows you to make conversations with multiple people at the same time. While there is no way to change your font in the chat window, you can do some basic text formatting. For instance, to make a text appear bold, type the desired text between two asterisks. The text to be italicized must be written between two underscores. You can also strike through a text by placing it between two dashes. You can also change the look and feel of how your chat window looks like when you interact with your buddies. Interestingly, Google Talk makes it possible for you to save your chat history for future reference. All you have to do is to activate the Chats label for your Inbox from the Settings menu. You can reply by mail to a chat history just like you would do to an ordinary e-mail.

Bored or fed up of typing messages to a friend in his or her chat window? Try calling them and speaking to them like you would do using a phone. Check out the Phone icon in the chat window. When you click on this, you will hear a ringing sound like when you dial a friend using a telephone. This feature is often available only when you use the client version of Google Talk and not when you access it through your e-mail. You can also receive voicemails with this messenger. They are delivered to your Inbox like an ordinary e-mail and also provide information on the duration of the call. If you call your buddy and he or she does not answer, you can leave a voicemail message that lasts up to ten minutes. All you have to do is to select the Send voicemail option from the Options menu in his or her contact card in your Google Talk contacts list. Wait for the beep sound and leave your message after you hear it.

Maintaining multiple chat windows is very easy. If you are interacting with many people at a time, you can track their conversations with Google Talk. When you have multiple chat windows open, you can collapse, stack, or tear them off. You can also get your Friends list organized by displaying them alphabetically. Use the search box at the top of this list to find a friend from your list. Type the first few letters of his or her name in the search box and the names matching with the search criterion will be displayed. The more characters you type, the more accurate results you get. This saves you from having to scroll through the entire list to search for a specific friend.

Google Talk has made communication with people all around the world faster and more effective. The browser compatibility has made it easily accessible without having to download and install the client application.    

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