What Makes Farmville 2- Country Escape a Much Better Game than Its Earlier Version?

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Of the very few games that made it big in the Android market and became hugely popular among the gaming fraternity, Farmville was one.

The makers, Zynga, came up with this unique concept that turned the players into farmers and the game, a farming delight. The game Farmville was a huge hit instantly, both on social networking sites, online medium and on mobile devices. The entire concept was new, the product was innovative and the concept of having one’s own farm was a great idea for the gamers. In the gaming history, Farmville was a colossal hit, so much so that it led to the game makers to launch a revamped and much better version of the game, Farmville 2-Country Escape.

The new version is a much more improved and enhanced version of the earlier game, with better and more features, great graphics and a lot more options. As a result, the game has continued to rule the road set by its earlier version and has become one of the most popular games on the Android store. A number of new features have been added that have specifically attracted a large number of new gamers besides the older bunch.

Both Offline and Online Mode

The game works both in the online as well as the offline modes. This is a special feature that has been newly added to the Farmville 2-Country Escape and one which differentiates it from other similar games that need to be played online throughout. The game can be played offline, just as it would have been played online, but the updates and the scoring charts are updated only when the Internet connectivity is available. Apart from that, all the main features of the game are accessible in the offline mode, which makes it easier for people to play it on the go. This is indeed a novel idea put in by Zynga while they designed Farmville 2-Country Escape.

Social Media Options

The game includes options which enable a person to go and water the fields of a friend or a mate. This option is available due to the online connectivity and the social media integration of the game that allows people to stay in touch with their friends and help each other in order to proceed in the game by sharing resources, watering fields and other things. The social option also updates the social media accounts of the players with their recent updates and challenges. This makes it easier for other ‘farmers’ to keep in touch with their friend’s Farmville progress.

Full Integration with Online Game

The game, which is played on smartphones, can be synced easily with the online version of the same and the players can play the game from the same account in either their PC or smartphones. This makes it easier for people who have to travel a lot and want to access the game on the go and then again resume play from their laptops or desktops.

These little innovations to Farmville 2-Country Escape has really caught up with the rage of the earlier version and in a much better way.

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