Watch Dogs Co-Op – Wouldn’t It Be Fun?

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Almost every title, coming out of Ubisoft before the end of 2014, will have a co-op single player campaign in it.

The new titles are not only promoting two player online co-operative game play, but has four player support, which adds more fun to it. Now, the biggest question, on everyone’s mind is, will Ubisoft follow the same idea and introduce four player co-op to Watch Dogs next year, when a sequel gets released? The company earlier confirmed that the game has sold millions of copies worldwide and has officially attained the level of a franchise which will most probably be getting released every year, on the same lines as Assassin’s Creed.

Based on their comment, it is official that there will be a sequel and if we are not wrong, it’s going to continue for the next couple of years, just like how Prince of Persia and AC franchise went on. To keep things interesting, Ubisoft can choose to add co-operative single player campaigns to the title, that could make it exceptionally addictive than it already is. There were plenty of negative criticism because of the diluted graphics quality, lack of pedestrians and things to do in this huge open world game. After having spent five years in it, it is known that the game developers might have bigger plans for it, which may not have made its way to the final release, in its first iteration. Besides, the next Watch Dogs will not come to Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, which ensures that it has more hardware freedom to be a true next gen title.

Hacking Together

In a co-op single player campaign, Watch Dogs could focus on allowing players to hack into a huge circuit together. Things could be made much more interesting, in a way that a successful hack could be complete, only when all four players sync with their actions. It requires proper communication, better strategic planning and unity, which will pave the way for an in-depth level of realism to the title. Similar elements can be spread through the campaign, which definitely needs a better story line. If there’s something that players didn’t approve wholeheartedly, it is the protagonist Aiden Pearce and his lackluster flashback. There are already rumors that the second game would feature a new lead and will have an altogether different set of missions. If the developers find it difficult to implement full single player campaigns, they can start off with four or five separate campaigns, as they did with Splinter Cell Conviction and expand it in the third sequel.

An Interactive World

Whether Ubisoft chooses to add co-op single player campaign to the sequel of Watch Dogs or not, it should definitely make the world more interactive with lots of new things to do. After all, it was the ability to do anything and everything you please, which made GTA 5 a grand success. Being only on new generation consoles could help Watch Dogs 2 because of the hardware power offered by Xbox One and Playstation 4. We hope co-op becomes part of it next year.

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