Viber – Installing and Using It – Design, Features and Functionalities

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Viber was developed back in 2010 by Viber media. It is an instant messaging cross-platform messaging application used in smartphones.

Other than sending text messages, Viber users can also exchange audio messages, videos and images. Viber application is available to devices that use the following operating systems: Microsoft Widows, Windows Phone, BADA, Symbian, Blackberry, Android, Mac and iOS.

Viber also works on Wi-Fi and 4G/3G networks. However, it is not executed well on 2G networks. To use Viber, you have to install it into your smartphone. Globally, this application has over 200 million users.

Viber was first released in iPhone devices. This was done to give Skype some competition. Later, in May 2011, Viber access was extended to Android devices, but had a restricted version of five thousand users. The unrestricted Viber version was released later on in July 2012.

Viber is easy to install since it is not heavy on your phone’s resources. It also runs in the background, thus taking advantage of the ability for smartphones to multitask.

Functionality and Features

Viber features vary from one platform to another. Even so, iPhone and Android users are the first ones to get any new features and updates. While Viber services like sending texts, video and images can be used across all OS platforms, users can only make voice calls if they are using iPhone’s, Windows Phones or Android Phones. There is an HD voice that is specifically used on Windows Phone 8.

Once you have installed Viber in your smartphone, you do not have to directly add your contacts, as this application automatically synchronizes your address book. The latest Viber version has included default images and smileys, making it more fun for users to chat. In December of 2013, the Viber out features was officially launched. These features make it possible for Viber users to call– landlines and non-Viber app users.

UI Design

Viber has been designed in such a way that it attracts users to have it installed in their phones. Just like other instant messaging apps, Viber users can also send texts using their internet. Viber, a purple colored application, has also been coded in such a way that smartphones find it easy to use.

Viber usage has increased thanks to the fact that smartphones are now affordable. Also, Viber has Skype-like features installed into it making it more convenient to use.

Viber and VoIP

VoIP is the name given to the calls that are made via the internet. These calls use data/internet plans as opposed to voice services. As such, VoIP allows you to make free calls and group messaging.

Some of the pros that come with VoIP for Viber include:

– You do not have to register because your phone number is enough.

– You have unlimited free texts and calls to make to other users.

– It has a huge global user base. You do not have to worry about not finding people to talk to or call.

– You can also send map locations to other users.

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