Viber Free New Updates for Calls and Messages

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Viber, founded by Viber Media back in February,’10 now offers a wide range of ways to connect with families and friends worldwide with its free new update for calls and messages. The latest version of this app available is ‘viber′ which adds a even great feature to the company’s list of it’s already amazing service namely such as instant texts, free calls using 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi, photo messages and user location updates. Viber new free update with calls and messages includes Viber out, creating group conversations easily, video and voice messages and a improved sticker market.

Viber – Connect at a Cheaper Rate

Viber Out is a feature that allows users to connect from desktop or a mobile phone and make calls using the viber app to any land line or mobile phone (which may not have the viber or may not be connected to the internet) at any part of the world for a very affordable rate. Viber out was first released to the Philippines in an effort for viber users to contact with their family members and friends, who at that time were missing or were out of reach. Today, viber has made this great feature available to its users all over the world by expanding their communication possibilities in many different ways of life such as work, distance relationship, travelling, etc. The rates on calls made using viber out differ from one country to another and has a fix service fee attached, for eg: a call to the USA using viber out cost 1.9 cents per min to a mobile phone, calls to the UK would be 5.9 cents per min to a mobile phone and 1.9 cents per cent to a line land, a call to Russia is fix at 7.9 cents to a mobile phone or 2.3 cents to a land line for a minute using this viber free update.

Group Chat Feature

With its free new update in messaging, Viber has made it so easy to stay in touch with a group of people at the same time. This feature allows users to create groups with up to about 100 individuals, great for catching up with old friends, or for a batch of students to stay connected with class updates, even perfect for a set of co-worker interacting about the latest stock shares, etc.

Video and Voice messages Added

Free video and voice message is another great new feature provided to viber users allowing us to send short video clips instantly for free all around the world; ensuring there isn’t a single moment missed while brings us closer to our love one’s although we maybe fast. Its voice messaging service helps when one may not be a that texting mood for typing long messages. Hence, viber has equipped its users with sharing voice note making it much much easier to to send a message with the push to talk feature!

A Wide Variety of Stickers Expressions

Viber improved sticker market now allows users to communicate in an incredibly fun and personal way by using one of the hundreds of stickers available from their sticker market. Click your pick for any mood from summertime selection to the exciting popeye picks,or the trilling soccer smurfs, or a more lovey pick try their ‘love is all you need’ selection , just to name a few. How can one go wrong in messaging with such a wide arrange of options? For those sad moments instead of saying anything use a sticker to portrait your feelings, or if there is the need to keep someone in suspend use a more suspicious stick, or to keep up with what is happening in the 2014 Football world cup a sticker from our team viber selection.

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