Valuable Tips for Subway Surfers Beginners

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Spend your free time playing a jumping game.

Subway surfers is popular among mobile and tablet users. It is challenging and entertaining, making it more interesting to players. A player runs and jumps through the train tracks. It may sound simple for you but don’t think it will be easy because there is an inspector running behind you with his dog. So run fast and don’t get caught.

Get Your Free Goodies

What everyone needs to know about these kinds of games or almost all games is to take as many free items as you can. These free goodies may appear just by liking and following the game on Facebook and Twitter. One good thing about this is that you’ll be kept updated on their new versions and new features of the game. They may also upload ways on how you get free stuffs like new characters and others. There are also websites like GiftsForPoints that exchanges Subway Surfer Characters for a survey or just by clicking their ads.

Keep an Eye on Your Objectives

After finishing an objective, your multiplier will increase, meaning more coins. You want to collect as many coins as possible. This will help you buy different kinds of stuffs like hoverboards or boosters. The more objectives you finish, the higher your multiplier will be. The first thing you need to do is to finish it all up first.

Stay On Top

This is the best way to avoid obstacles. While on top of trains, you can easily spot incoming obstacles or trains coming your way thus, making it easier for you to avoid them. There are also lesser obstacles above than on the ground. Staying on top will also have an easier control on you character for you only need to swipe up, left or right and need not to worry about swiping down.

Combine Your Moves

Some may already know about this but there are others who don’t. While you are in mid air, you can go left or right without waiting for you to reach the ground. You might not think this is possible for it can’t be done in real life but in Subway Surfers it can be done. You can also swipe double left or double right, right after jumping. Another trick is to swipe down for you to reach the ground faster.

What Are Your Hoverboards and Power Ups Are For

Make sure to familiarize yourself on what your hoverboards can do. There are different kinds of boards and some have different functions as well. There are also permanent boards and limited ones so you might want to check on that. You get free starboards when you download subway surfers, this will be your starter hoverboard. Other hoverboards need to be purchased using coins like the daredevil hoverboard which is worth 85,000 coins and have the ability to surf faster than the normal ones. The lowrider board, as the name suggests, has the special ability to stay low which means you do not need to roll. Knowing the special ability of your board will help you play subway surfers with a lot of fun.

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