Top Five Farmville 2 Country Escape Tips for a Jumpstart

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After the massive success of Farmville, here comes yet another charming sequel to the virtual farming enthusiasts.

Farmville 2 Country Escape lets you build your own farm from scratch. Become a famous farmer from a basic startup farmer, setting a legendary record in farming and building a big farming town. Players who have played Farmville earlier may require some ready-made tips to jumpstart and reach the more challenging levels as fast as they can. Here are some tips that would help you do this. Reach a moderate level without wasting much time in the preliminary farming tasks.

Use Your Keys Wisely

Keys are the toughest things to get in this game. Do not waste them for random finish jobs. Every task has an option to instant completion using some keys. It is the darkest loophole where beginners start losing all their keys. A nice trick to deal with this challenge is to perform short tasks as you are playing. Keep the longer tasks for the idle time while you quit the game and come back the next day. This is the easiest way to save hard-earned keys. The keys will come very useful to you when you need them for higher purposes in the game. These are not meant to be used for building a shop or harvesting your crops.

Sell Your Goods

Now that you have successfully become a good farmer, it is time to become a clever crop seller. Build farm stands and sell your finished crops. It is the only free way to earn XP and cash at the same time. A good farmer is a sad farmer when he does not have enough cash in his account. Try to build ample farm stands so that all your finished crops can be sold faster without piling them up in a single farm stand. It is best to build a farm stand dedicated for a particular crop. This way you can manage the sales of your ready crops more efficiently.

Do Not Miss the Daily Spins

Every day in Farmville 2 Country Escape comes with a surprising reward. You should not miss your chance unlocking some extra cash or other bonuses by spinning the wheel of fortune. Do not forget to collect your daily spins even if you plan not to play the game on a particular day. Just log in, collect your daily rewards and leave. This is a real goodie in the game that enriches your farming bank. Invite friends and upgrade the wheel for more rewarding bonuses every day.

Pay a Visit to Neighboring Farms

As a jumpstart in Farmville 2 Country Escape, you need more and more cash and bonuses. Another great way to earn a lot of them is by paying a kind visit to some of your Farmville 2 friends’ farm. If you are lucky, you can win hidden keys while you look at the beautifully designed farm owned by one of your friends. This is a unique way to earn keys free without buying a bunch of them using real money.

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