Top 5 iOS Games 2014 – The Ones You Should Never Miss Out

2014 has been an amazing year for iPad and iPhone gaming.

GDC 2014 released a sneak peak of what to expect and gamers were and are still able to get amazing games on their iOS gadgets. Even with hundreds of games to play, there are losers and winners, when it comes to offering the best iOS gaming action in 2014.

Here are the top 5 iOS games for 2014 –

First Strike

This is a military strategy game that allows players to vie for nuclear superiority in the world. The game begins with the player controlling a nestled superpower into its respective corner on the globe. As the game advances, the players advance into neighboring countries and start researching on efficiency, recon and missile as well as on national military technology. After this, the stockpiling starts. Each country has the ability to store a limited number of intercontinental ballistic missiles and short range cruise missiles for defense. In the background, research goes on, but eventually, a player launches a nuke. Part of the proceeds made from this game, is used towards the campaign against nuclear weapons.

The game can be downloaded for $3.99.


This is a side scrolling game that is based on physics. It requires the player to guide creatures that are blob-like, out of a forest. It sounds like an easy game, but it can get really difficult at some point. This is probably one of the best iOS games available for this year.

The game can be downloaded for $3.99.

Wave Wave

This is a somewhat difficult, one-touch abstract runner game, where players are required to guide a line through a passage made of triangular obstructions. Players tap and hold the screen to climb, without releasing the line. Constant warping and flickering effects make the challenge even harder. The game has an amazing progression structure – carrying disorientation effects and also supports two-player mode.

It is available for download at $2.99.

Surgeon Simulator

This is a fun-filled game, where the player is supposed to perform a life-saving operation, using the phone’s clumsy touch input. The doctor in this case holds the tools in one finger and uses the other to tap on the location of the operation. Every single-player campaign, presents an array of surgical tools to learn about and master, before you can try your luck in the multi-player mode. Despite the blood gushes and incompetence you portray in the beginning, this is a great game that makes it to the top 5 iOS games of 2014.

It can be downloaded for $5.99.

Tank of Tanks

This is a fun, adorable and simple multi-player game for your iOS. This game allows up to 4 players to claim the corner button. A tank for each player starts by rotating on the spot. The player is required to hold down the button, trundle forward and shoot ahead. After release, the tank once again rotates, but this time in the opposite direction. The rounds are sweet and short and the levels are dynamic. It also comes in eight-bit-style graphics that are easy on the eye. This can be a great game to play amongst friends.

It can be downloaded for $1.99.

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