Tinder Free Download – Is It The Best Dating App Out There

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There are various dating apps that one can find in the app store. Tinder is one of the popular ones among them, owing to the type of features it offers. It is worth adding that Tinder won the crunchie award by TechCrunch and was hailed as the best new start-up of the year 2013. Those who are looking to find a date or a partner can benefit immensely with the use of this app. Here, we will explore some of the main features that this app has to offer.

How Does The App Function?

This app mainly draws data from your Facebook profile and uses the details to find potential candidates who are most likely to end up being good matches. Details like geographical location, common interests and even mutual friends are pulled for finding the right matches. You will have a list of potential candidates that you can surf through.

You can surf the profile and if you find it to be interesting, you can like it. If the profile fails to interest you, you can give it a pass. A match is only generated when the profile is mutually liked by both the participating parties.

Once the match has been generated, you can share further details, talk to each other and even share pictures and moments. You can only chat with fellow members after a match has been generated.

The Controversies

Tinder had its own share of controversies. Whitney Wolfe, the former marketing VP of Tinder filed a lawsuit against her fellow executives complaining of sexual harassment and discrimination.

Further, there has been concern regarding privacy of the users as well. The app currently allows people to see the last logged in time of their matches. This feature has been criticized by many as people did not want their matches to know about their login time. The Tinder development team stated that they are trying to incorporate the invisible status so that the login details can be kept private.

Also, the profile only shows the name and profile picture and other necessary details like weight and height are not displayed. It becomes a little difficult to ascertain whether you like the profile without this basic information.

The Final Verdict

Regardless of these minor glitches, one cannot be ignorant of the fact that Tinder does offer an excellent interface for finding the right date. The prospect of finding a date nearby to hangout with is definitely exciting and entertaining.

Those who are looking to find a date with whom they can socialize can try their luck using this app. When you share pictures, you can use the filters and editing option to bring changes to the moments. You can download the app and check out the features it has to offer.

The fact that it was hailed to be the top start-up is in itself a proof of how popular and useful this app is. It has been termed by many as one of the top dating apps that allow a clean interface and there are users who have found dates with its use.

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