The Sims 4 – Learning Skills is a Piece of Cake

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Sims 4, Maxis most anticipated title being released by EA Games, is slated to be released on September 4, later this year.

The game is based on real life simulation and has a huge fan following all over the world. It is not only a game, but a way for people to recreate their own life or even improve it to an extent. This is the major appeal of the game and this is what Maxis and EA Games are banking on.

Learning Skills

In every Sims game so far, children have been able to learn some skills, which help them when they are adults. In this series too, children continue to learn important life skills. However, there is more this time around. In Sims 3, children could learn to play the piano, but in this installment, they can learn to play the violin too. Maxis have also announced that they would be adding some more skills, though they were not clear about the specifics. This is certain though, that these skills would help children get transferable skills which would later come in handy when they are pursuing success.

What Else is New?

The cow plant that was a part of the game since Sims 2, can be seen in Sims 4 as well. In the previous game, you could grow this plant and then feed it or pet it and praise it too. Whatever you do with the plant, helped in shaping its identity. By petting and praising it, the plant would become a loving pet and could be milked to extend your life. You could also scold it to turn it into an evil henchman. In Sims 3, the cow plant was released as a premium object, which was available with some DLCs. Sims 4 will continue to have the plant, with some modifications and for this game too, it would be part of premium content.

What is great about Sims 4?

It has been stressed umpteen times that Sims 4 is all about character creation and expressing the nuances of human behavior and interactions. Character creation in this game is absolutely amazing, and you can control very minute details of your sims. From the width of the eyebrows, to the length of the chest, everything is controllable. You can also give your sims very distinct personalities by choosing a mix of characteristic traits that only your sim would have. In fact, the character creation and character dynamics in this game are now being considered the gold standard for any avatar creation online. You can adjust skin and muscle tone, or make your sim look exactly like you. This makes the game more life-like and garners more interest from those who are playing. The major attraction about the Sims was always the fact that it simulates real life and you could actually control people and make them do things. With a complete control over the smallest of specifics on your Sim, the game takes real life simulation to a whole new level.

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