The Sims 4 Could Have Toddlers, Dev Tweets

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We admit that the developer didn’t actually confirm that they will bring in toddlers but when the producer of The Sims 4 Grant Rodiek says in a tweet, ‘We hear you loud and clear’ with regards to a question about toddlers, we can’t help but see that they are confirming to bring toddlers back.

The developers may not choose to add it to the game as soon as it is released because as said earlier they have brought in a bunch of new features that need plenty of tweaking before the release date comes close.

When it was officially announced that the game will not feature swimming pools which are usually used more as a death pool to kill your sim and no more toddlers, fans were angry as usual. However, the developers tried their best to console them by clarifying that there are many things to look forward to as the personalized character customization, easy build mode and other new elements that were painstakingly done to entertain them. Whatever you say, they just won’t be happy until the old features are back and it looks Maxis might just add what you have been asking for.

The Twitter Story

In his original tweet, Grand Rodiek said, “@thesimgirl We hear you loud and clear on this one : )” to a fan when she asked, “I don’t like that there are no toddlers because it is supposed to be a life simulation game and how do legacy players have legacy now?”. If our assumptions are right, there is definitely an addition that is under development. However, the Maxis employee has not been allowed to talk about it. Of late, the internet community and forums have been playing an integral role in shaping up the games.

Whenever there is an uproar, developers are almost forced to respond to it and deliver what fans have been asking for. Recently, the negative criticism that Battlefield Hardline received simply made the developers rethink their original approach and they postponed it to next year without a release date. It is all about delivering what people ask for and if EA is planning to be in the good books of gamers, they should bring toddlers back. The tweet reply is very positive and they might be working on it already.

Minimum Requirements

Meanwhile, the minimum PC requirements for the The Sims 4 have been revealed. The game will not be made available for the Mac at this point as EA has confirmed in their official question and answer section. They are planning to focus solely on the PC version at the moment. The game suggests an Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon 64 processor with at least 2 GB of RAM. They have also suggested any video card that is 128 MB such as GeForce 6600 or ATI Radeon X1300. We are sure that most PC gamers would exceed these requirements. The Sims 4 is also scheduled to get released in multiple languages to appease gamers worldwide and will officially launch on September 2.


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