The Sims 4 Arrival Leads To the End of The Sims 2

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The Sims 4 is one of the most anticipated games of 2014 and fans are eagerly waiting to start building their own home as soon as the game launches.

When things were getting hot, EA and Maxis announced, out of the blue, that there won’t be toddlers in the game and swimming pool will no longer be available in the base game. Gamers cried foul, saying that all Electronic Arts want to make is money and they might release these simple features as part of a DLC in the near future.

Ever since its launch, the game thrived on downloadable content that sold more copies than the base game and people ended up spending hundreds of dollars to own a fancy outfit or a brand new campaign to explore. The trend is not going to change any time soon, because at least a dozen DLCs have already been scheduled for the future, in a survey that EA used, to determine what players like and it also had questions related to introducing an annual subscription pack priced at $100 which will give them free access to all releases throughout the year.

EA Ends Support for the Sims 2

With the impending launch of The Sims 4, EA is looking forward to step into the next generation of hardware and a completely revamped game. It is obvious that they would want to stop supporting old games as a result of which the support for The Sims 2 has officially ended. The company will no longer be fixing bugs, releasing patch updates or bringing any new content to this title. We are not sure how many of you might still be playing this, because it is relatively an old title, that hardly offers much, when compared to the huge and vibrant Sims 3 that kept us occupied in the past years.

The official announcement was made in the FAQ section of the EA website, where they confirmed the title which got released in 2004, has reached its end phase. As it has been so long and as they are going to move all their resources forward, to focus on the latest games that Maxis is making, in association with Electronic Arts, support for Sims 2 will be withdrawn which will no longer receive any updates or new content.

Ultimate Collection Is Now Free

If you are an ardent follower of the series, you would have most probably pre-ordered the Sims 4 already and may own a digital or retail version of the Sims 2. Players who already own the old game will now have full access to all the DLCs that got released so far. Within a couple of days, EA has confirmed that people who own the game will see that they got upgraded to The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection for free in their Origin library. There will be plenty of expansion packs and stuff to look forward to, in this old game, which might keep you busy for the rest of the weeks, until The Sims 4, officially hits the stores.

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