The Best Free Calling Apps to Use

When you are looking at the different free apps which you can have, for the sake of curtailing your total expenses, you have plenty of choices at hand.

Here, we will talk of the top apps which you can use.


Have you heard of Viber? It allows you to make free calls. The best thing about Viber is that you also have a desktop version which means that you can make calls not only from your mobile, but the desktop as well.

It is easy to use Viber and the steps to follow are extremely simple. The clarity which you will get when making calls is impressive. Feel free to use either desktop or mobile version and cut down your call cost significantly.


When we are talking of apps that allow you to make free calls, you just can’t afford to miss out Skype. Skype is the best app when it comes to making free calls. You can easily call your friends all over the world. If you want to make a call to landline or even a mobile number, you can use Skye credits for making the call. If you compare the rates, you will find that Skype charges you nominal rates in comparison to other cellular networks.


Talkatone is another app that turns out to be handy. One major drawback for this app has to be the fact that it is applicable only for the residents of US and Canada. It makes use of your Google voice number for making the call and you will be able to save your minutes of calling. This is best for talking to your US friends for free.


Line is another app which can be used. Though it is primarily an app that is meant for sending messages and multimedia files, it also offers you the free call facility as well. If you have a stable 3G connection or even Wi-Fi, you will be able to call other Line users for free. There is no provision for calling users who are not registered on Line.

Google Voice

If you tend to email a lot, this is by far the best choice you have. You have the option of using Google voice right from your mailbox itself. It doesn’t require any external setup. You can simply dial the number and make a call with ease.

Ever since the upgrade to Google hangouts has been done, it is much easier to make a call.


Tango also offers you the provision of free call facility. It operates similar to Skype in various respects. However, it doesn’t have the option for texting. You can check out the app to know more about the features it has to offer.

These are some of the best apps which you can use for making calls. You can choose any of these as almost all of the above listed apps will offer you the best clarity that you can ask for. You will be able to save significant money by choosing these apps.

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