Temple Run 2 – Top 10 Tips and Cheats Reaching The Top

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If you are one of the players who are addicted to Temple Run 2, but you’re struggle to stay alive in this infinite runner game? Well, your problems are about to end since today we’re going to give you a top 10 tips and cheats that will make life better in this game.

1. Getting some Free Coins before you start running

Even before you actually start playing this game, you are able to get some free coins. To do this, go to the in-game app store and tap on “Get Free Stuff”. After that, go to the social media connection and give a “Like” to Temple Run 2, and follow it on Twitter, and finally, after doing all these stuff, you will have around 250 extra free coins.

2. Doing the right upgrades

The upgrade you make in this game will play an important part, making the difference between a mediocre score and a high score. After you get in the upgrade menu, make sure you get your coin upgrades first. Getting those upgrades high will get you more coins and higher scores. Another good upgrade is the coin magnet ability, which will bring the coins to you, making it easier for you to collect them.

3. Mine cart and the way to control it

The underground cart portions of the game are one of the most interesting parts of the game. Until you get used to them, it might seem a bit difficult, but after that you will find them very fun. To get a higher success rate, try keeping the cart titled to the right. While you are in the cart, you will want to aim the gems that are easier to get. Don’t mind those gems that are hard to get, because you might fail in your attempt to get them and you’ll die.

4. Double obstacles

While playing Temple Run 2, you will notice double obstacles and you will fail until you’ll get used to them. You will have to jump in the very last second and in most of the cases you will pass both of the obstacles with a single jump.

5. Game’s objectives and their importance

In Temple Run it’s very important to accomplish the game’s objectives, because by completing them, you will level up faster and get your multiplier to a high level.

6. Powerups

There are a lot of powerups in Temple Run 2, but you will pick them depending on your play style. For example, if you struggle dealing with small walls, rollers or tiles, then you might want to get the Shield powerup. The coin magnet ability is one of the best powerup abilities you can get, because you will collect more coins and you will be able to unlock powerups and upgrade them.

7. Powerups that are too far

You will want to try ignoring the powerups that are close to a cliff or pitfall. The chances are that you will not get them or to get them and die. Instead, focus on the obstacles and ignore them.

8. Jump and Slide Combo

The jump and slide combo is the combo you will use a lot. By using this combo, you will get very far in the game. You will jump and slide to the direction you want. By the way, you can also do the jump again after you’re sliding.

9. Red Tiles

You will hate the red tiles in this game because they will knock you down very quickly if you don’t react too fast. Jumping once you spot them might work sometimes, but in more difficult levels these red tiles can be followed by obstacles. Instead of jumping like a maniac and end up into some spikes, you will want to lean around the red tiles.

10. Cliff Hangers

Another thing that you will hate in Temple Run 2 is the Cliff Hangers. When you are new to the game, you will probably freak out when you will see them. To pass them with ease you will want to stay calm and as soon as you see a cliff hanger… JUMP. Just jump to the safe side instead of running into them.


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