Temple Run 2 – The Smart Tips To Follow

If there’s one game that has managed to stay at the top of the charts in the Google play store and even in Apple’s app store, it has to be Temple Run 2. It is without a doubt a phenomenal game which is sure to keep you hooked. Here, we will explore the main details related to the game and find out how to play it along with the best tips you can use.

Playing Temple Run 2

The main theme of the game is to run around the steep hills and mountains. You have a demon chasing you down and there are coins scattered on the way. You need to keep collecting coins as it helps in boosting your total score. There are various powerups that you can use as it is going to help you score more and keep the demon away.

There are different kinds of obstacles that you will have to face. You have to cross rivers, jump over logs of wood, be careful of fires and even cross broken mountains and tunnels as well. The type of obstacles that you will find is diverse and whopping and you should keep an eye out for the dangers that are lurking.

The Main Tips To Follow

If you want to improve your score, you can make use of the following tips.

Choose the Right Runner

If you are willing to spend a little money, you can buy the profiles of a strong runner. You have the profile of Usain Bolt which you can choose. Although you have to pay for using this profile, it will help you run much faster and pile a higher score.

Choosing the Power Up

Even if you are not willing to spend money, check out the special powers which any of the profiles may have. Further, you have the option of choosing the type of powerup which will be activated when you double tap the screen. Ideally, you should choose the option of coin magnets as it will help you in piling up coin with ease.

Pile Your Gems

The gems are an extremely valuable resource as it will help you in resuming your game even when you have lost the life. Try and collect as many gems as you possibly can because it will help you in boosting your score. They give you an extra life after you have lost yours.

You can use multiple gems to resume the game for the third time as well.

In the new update that has been recently launched, when you use the gems after losing your life, you have the option of running a wheel which will give you a bonus.

Merely putting these tips to use is likely to help you score higher. As the game is available for free, you should make it a point to download it once and play it. When you are playing it for the first time, keep the tutorial on so that you can understand the instructions. It is likely that you will be addicted to this game instantly.

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