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Smartphones seem to have penetrated all strata of society, reaching the pockets of the average man.

This is all thanks to the increased functionality and competitive pricing of smartphones.

Apple and Android apps have made things much easier for people. This improved technology has helped take communication to a whole new level making it simpler and cheaper. This is quite evident from the influx of voice calling applications in the Android market.

Of all the voice calling apps available, Viber and Skye stand out. However, we live in a competitive world where it is not impossible to challenge the champions. This time round, the app to look out for is Talkatone.

Talkatone is an app that gives its users free voice calling services and it is now a sensation in app stores. All this, owing to its improved features and the surplus services it comes with.

Make Free Calls to Any Device 

Talkatone is primarily a free voice calling app. It utilizes internet connections of a device and carrier then connects to any other phone in any location of the globe. While this may not sound special since all other voice calling apps do this, Talkatone stands out because it makes it possible for its users to make calls to any phone number.

You can even call people who have not installed Talkatone to their devices. Normal voice call apps like Viber and Skype require people to sign up and create accounts to be able to connect with others (who also have the same app) through their accounts. This major factor has made it easy for people to move from conventional apps and be loyal users of Talkatone.

You Do Not Need To Have a Smartphone to Receive Calls

This is yet another reason why many people prefer using Talkatone. You can actually make calls to people who have phones that do not have internet capabilities (‘dumb’ phones). This single factor is a major plus to all those people who do not live in urban areas and those who cannot afford to buy a smartphone.

As such, Talkatone is growing fast, making it a competition to conventional voice calling platforms. What’s more, this app also doubles up as a text messenger, chat messenger and also comes with apps that make it one of the ‘must have’ apps in every smartphone.

Network and Reception Quality

While the network and the reception quality are not much to write home about, they are always being improved.

Linking Talkatone to Facebook and Google Account

Talkatone can be used on iPhone versions 5, 4S, 4 and 3GS, Android 2.2, iPad and iPods. You can also connect it with Facebook and when you do, you instantly get free credits as a bonus.

Talkatone can also be linked to your Google account. Even so, you will not be able to use Talkatone with Google chat or Google voice.

Talkatone works well with 3G or 4G networks. It, however, works better with Wi-Fi network.

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